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Even more Childrens party games!

FIREMEN - Kids Party Games
Turn the sleeves of 2 jackets inside out. Hang these jackets on the backs of 2 chairs. The chairs are with their backs to each other at a distance of 1 meter. Put a 2m. rope under these 2 chairs. Both of the participants stand at their chairs. On hearing the signal, they take their jackets off the chairs, turn the sleeves out, put them on and do up all the buttons. Then each "fireman" runs round the chair of the rival, takes his seat and pulls the rope. The first player to cope with the task is the winner.

ZOMBIE - Kids Games
Two pairs participate in this game. Each pair stands hand in hand with their adjoining hands tied together. With their free hands (one with the right hand and other with the left one) they must wrap up the package, bind the rope round it and tie it a bow. The pair which finishes the task the first is the winner.

Two players compete in this game. For each player there is a chair with a bowl of water and a spoon on it. A few steps away there are two more chairs with an empty glass on each of them. The object of the player is to fill the empty glass with water as soon as possible. The player who is the first to do it is the winner.

ON THE MARSH - Kids Games
Each player is given 2 sheets of paper. The player must cross "the marsh" stepping only on "hummocks" - the sheets of paper. At first the player steps on one of the sheets with his/her feet. Another sheet he/she places in front of him/her. Then he/she must step on this sheet and put the previous one in front of. The player who crosses the room the first is the winner.

QUICK HEAD - Kids Games
Each player is given a paper cap with the needle at its top. The object is to burst as many balloons as possible with the help of the needle on the cap.

PASS A HAT - Kids Games
The players are in 2 circles: inner one and outer one. One player in each circle has a hat on his/her head. The object is to pass the hat round the circle. But the players mustn't use their hands while passing the hat from head to head. The team which passes the hat round the circle the first wins the game.

For each player (there must be not more then 4 of them) there is a heap of many small and some big objects. The task is to carry all of them in one hand to the distance of 5-7 meters being blindfolded. The players mustn't hold the objects with the other hand or drop them on the floor. The player who covers the distance the first becomes the winner.

In a spacious room you can arrange centipedes race. The players form up in 2 lines in file with their hands on the waists of the players in front of them. Near the opposite wall there stands a chair or a flag. On hearing the signal of the leader the teams run round the chair or the flag and return back. While running one cannot take his/her hands off the waist of the person in front of. If the chain is broken the team looses the game. The team also looses the game if it overturns and doesn't lift the chair or the flag. The game may be funnier if you ask the teams to run round the chair or the flag squatting.

LAND, WATER  - Kids Games
This is a game for attentive players. On hearing the word "land" the players jump forward, on hearing the word "water" backward. Then the word "land" is suddenly changed into "bank". The actions of the players must be the same as after the word "land". The word "water" may be changed into "sea", "lake", "river", etc. The player who often mistakes is out.

A balloon is put on the floor. At the distance of 5-6 steps from it there stands the person who wants to make a penalty kick. At first he is blindfolded and then asked to come to the balloon and kick it. Sometimes you may make this game more complicated by turning the player around for several times before he kicks the balloon. It's a real fun when the player having accurately made those 5-6 steps kicks the air, because he went in the wrong direction.

PAPER-BAGS - Kids Games
Make 2-4 paper-bags. Tie 2-4 2 meter long threads to the stake or to the chair's back at the head-level of the players. The players put the paper bags on the threads with the their wide parts facing them. The players are at the distance of 1-2 steps from each other. The threads are tight. The paper-bags are equalized. At the leader's command the players begin to blow into their paper-bags. The player whose paper-bag moves forward faster becomes the winner.

For this game you'll need 2 large cardboard funnels. The opening in the narrow part of each funnel must not be larger than a coin, the opening in the wide part must be large enough to put it on the player's face. Beside the funnels you'll need 2 little wooden bricks and 4 chairs. To begin the game put 2 chairs in a line at a distance of 3-4 meters from each other. Opposite each chair (at the distance of 10-12 meters) put one more chair. Two players compete in this game. To begin with they sit on their chairs with the funnels in their hands. The bricks are at their feet on the floor. As the leader commands: "Begin!" - the players put the funnels on their faces (so as to see the floor only thorough the little opening) and begin to drive their bricks to "the goal" (the interval between the legs of the opposite chair). The player who copes with the task the first becomes the winner. But it's rather difficult to cope with this task, because the players can see only the little space of the floor in the little opening of the funnel, while after each kick the brick drops out of the field of vision. Advice for the leader: watch that the players don't take off their funnels (otherwise the game makes no sense), watch that the players kick the brick and don't drag it.

SPOON - Kids Games
Put a stool upside down. At each leg of the stool stands a player. The players are blindfolded. Each of them holds a spoon in his/her hand. At the leader's command the players make 3 steps forward, turn around and try to place the spoon on the leg of the stool as soon as possible. Two players who place their spoons the first win the game.

CENTIPEDES-2 - Kids Games
Divide the players into 2 teams of 10-20 members each. The teams form up in the file. Each team is given a rope. The players take the rope with their left or right hands from the both sides evenly. Then each player takes him/herself by the right or left ankle. At the leader's command the centipedes jump 10-12 m forward, holding the rope with their hands. Then they turn around and jump backward. The players may also run with the both feet, but in this case the players must stand in the line closer to each other. The team which manages to jump or to run to finish line the first becomes the winner (while running the players mustn't let the rope off).

Each team delegates 2 players to take part in this competition. Two players of each team stand hand in hand. Their adjacent ankles are tied together. At the leader's command they run to the agreed place and return back. The fastest pair wins this competition.

SPIDER - Kids Games
Draw 2 circles on the start line. Divide the players into 2 teams (15-20 players in each one). Stand each team in a circle. Rope the players of each team together. So, each team is "a spider". At the leader's command "the spiders" begin to move to the finish-line. On the finish line there are 2 more circles. The spiders must get to them as fast as possible.

The players sit down on "the astronauts armchairs" (on the chairs) one at a time. Their task is to gather 10 objects disposed around the chair (at the distance of 1,5m from it) at the leaders command. While gathering the objects the players may stand up and move away from their chairs, but they must not "let their chairs off". The player who fulfils the task the first is the winner.

Put a rattle on a round elastic lace. The players have the round elastic laces on their knees. The rattle must be between the knees. The players` task is to cover the distance as soon as possible trying not to make noise.

RUNNERS - Kids Games
Get ready 2 very large shorts made of thick cloth. Each pair of shorts is for the team which consists of 2 players. One of the players in each pair puts one leg through one of the shorts-legs, the other puts his/her leg through the other shorts-leg. Having one pair of shorts for two the players must cover the prescribed distance. The team which manages to cover the distance the first wins.

Fill a toy lorry with any vegetables, fruit or nuts. Tie a string to the lorry. Attach a stick to the end of the string. The object is to wind the string on the stick as fast as possible, trying not to spill the contents of the lorry. The jury determines "the fastest" driver with the help of the stop-watch. The gentleman who manages to deliver the load safe and sound in the shortest period of time is the most practical gentleman.

SCORE A GOAL - Kids Games
Give 2 balloons to each player - a round and a long one. Using the long balloon as a bat the players must drive the round balloon into the box, which is put on one side. The player whose balloon is driven into the box the first is the winner. It's easier to judge about the winner if the balloons of the players are of different colors.

Ask 3-6 persons to participate in this game. Each of them is given 2 paper (plastic) glasses filled with water. In front of each player on the floor there are 5 cardboard circles which are situated at the equal distance from each other. The players' task is to get to the finish line jumping from one circle to another. The player who has water in his/her glasses at the end of the game is the winner. To be more accurate and to make the game funnier you may measure the water in the glasses by the measuring glass.

Two players take part in this game. They are rivals. Pin well-defined pictures and paper circles with the numbers (c.f. 96, 105 etc.) on the backs of the players. The players are in the circle. (The circle may be drawn with the chalk on the floor.) They stand on one foot. Their task is to catch sight of the picture and number on the rival's back, jumping on one foot. The player who is the first in "deciphering" the rival is the winner.

Give a pair of flippers and a glass of water to each team. The first player stands at the start-line, gets on the flippers, takes the glass of water and lifts it above the head. So he/she is "under the water". At the signal the players begin to move forwards. On having covered the fixed distance the first "submariner" passes the flippers and the glass to the next player. If the water spilled from the glass after the first run, add some more water.

The teams which consist of the youths and girls get into the circle. The teams are at some distance from each other. The youths and the girls take their turns in the circle. The leader is in the center of the circle. He/she has 2 balls in the hands (a blue one and a red one). He/she throws the balls to the players and gets them back. The girls may catch only the red ball, the youths only the blue one. The leader tries to confuse the players: he/she may throw 2 balls at once or pretend that he/she is going to throw the ball in one direction, while he/she is going to throw it in the opposite one. The player who makes a mistake pays a forfeit (fulfils the task) and is out of the game. The team in which more players remain wins.

Draw 2 lines at the both ends of the playground. The distance between the lines is 15-20m. The teams with equal number of players stand at the first line at both ends of the playground. On the second line in front of each team there stands a little flag. At the signal the first player of each team runs round the flag, returns to his/her team, takes the next player by the hand and they run round the flag together. Then they run to their team, take the third player, then the fourth etc., until they have all the players of their team in the chain. The players mustn't break their chain. The team which finishes the run the first wins.

At the distance of 10m from the start line there stands a stool. The first players of the teams are blindfolded. At the signal they must run (go) round the stool and come back to the team. The second players in the teams are already blindfolded and they get ready to continue the game. While the player is running the team must support him/her crying c.f. "backwards", "forwards", "a bit to the right", "a bit to the left" etc. All the teams cry at the same time. So the player must sort out the exclamations addressed to him/her. When the last player comes back to the start line "day comes" for the team. The team to which "day comes" earlier wins the game.

Put a ping-pong ball on the edge of the table. The player is blindfolded. He/she stands with his/her back to the table. At the command he/she makes 5 steps forwards, turns around 3 times, comes back to the table and blows the ball off the table. Very often after the turning around the players lose their orientation. Then it's very funny to watch the player who tries to blow the ball off the place the ball has never been.

FEED A FRIEND - Kids Games
The players stand with their backs to each other. They hold fishing-rods in their hands. To the strings of the fishing-rods there attached the unwrapped bars of chocolate. The players' task is to eat the bar from the other player's fishing-rod as soon as possible.

Put the figures (toys) on the floor. As the music plays everyone walks around the circle, following the leader. When the music stops everyone must grasp the figure. A person who hasn't a figure is out. The number of figures should lessen every time. The winner is the person who stays till the end of the play.

The chairs are put in a line with their seats facing opposite sides. The leader of the game takes a long stick and walks round all the players, who are sitting on the chairs. Then he strikes the floor with the stick near one of the players. This player stands up and follows the leader. So the leader walks round the chairs, strikes with the stick near the players and very soon he is followed by the whole suite of the players. The leader makes different movements and all the rest repeat them. Suddenly the leader strikes with the stick twice. This is a signal for the players to take their places as soon as possible. (It is not easy at all now, as the chairs stand with their seats facing different sides.) The leader tries to take one of the places himself. The player who doesn't manage to take a seat becomes the leader.

At first the players are asked to "discover" a new planet, i.e. to blow up the balloon as soon as possible, and then "to inhabit" this planet with the inhabitants, i.e. to draw on balloon with the felt-tip-pen as many little men as possible. The player who has the greatest number of men on the balloon - is the winner.

This game is a kind of little race. You must pass the distance of 10-20 meters long with the book on your head, having a glass full of water in your left hand and a broom in the right. At the same time you must roll a ball with your feet. The fastest is the winner.

LONG ARM - Kids Games
There are 3 empty 0,33 L cans on the floor. 3 players stand by them. Then the leader asks them to take as long step as possible. After that the players are asked to take their cans on the spot, without touching the floor with the hands and knees.

POOR PIGGY - Kids Games
Tie up the corners of the pillow with the string. Draw a snout and eyes on it. Tie a ribbon round the "neck". Get into a circle and start the piggy going around from player to player. As the music plays the piggy is passed around the circle. As the music stops, the player who was the last in passing the piggy says "oink-oink" and gets a prize from a bowl, standing in the center of the circle.

BUILDER - Kids Games
In 1 minute time you are to build the highest possible tower, using 0,33 L cans. After the leader's signal the construction is stopped. If the tower goes to ruin and you have some more time, just begin from the very beginning. The number of points got by the players depends on the number of cans in the tower.

NEWTON'S LAW - Kids Games
Under the ceiling there hang some apples on the strings. The players are given the scissors. The players divide into pairs. The first player in each pair cuts off the apple, the second player tries to catch it into the hat ( the hats are given to them beforehand). The difficulty is that it is prohibited to take the hat off the floor. The pair which manages to gather the greatest number of apples wins the game.

JUMPERS - Kids Games
The players must make as many jumps with the skipping-rope as possible having the flippers on their feet.

The players must draw any picture with the brush, having the boxing-gloves on their hands.

Under the ceiling there hangs a little transparent sac with candies. (Each candy is wrapped.) On the wall there is a poster, proposing the players to guess the number of candies in the sac. They write the proposed number of candies on the sheets of paper and put them into a little box, standing not far off the poster. (Sheets of paper and pencils are on the table near the poster.) At the end of the party the so-called "account committee", made of the participants of the party, calculates the number of candies in the sac and then "unseal" the box with the answers. The player who guessed the number or gave the similar answer gets a prize - the sac with candies.

HOP-DOP - Kids Games
All the players (any number of them) are divided into 2 teams and then sit at the table facing each other. One group is given a little coin. The leader of this team must give the coin to one of his partners. He must do it imperceptibly. At the command "Hop" of the opposite team the coin must be shown over the table. At the command "Dop" - it is again hid under the table, where the players continue to pass it from hand to hand. At the command "Hands on the table!" the players put their hands on the table with the palms down. The leader of the opposite team must guess who has the coin between his/her fingers. If he/she guesses, the coin is passed to the opposite team and the game begins anew.

WHO IS IT? - Kids Games
Everyone takes a sheet of paper and at the top of it draws the head either of a men, an animal or a bird. Then the sheet must be folded so as the drawn head can't be seen, except a little part of the neck. Then this drawing is passed to the player next to. Now every player has a new sheet with the picture he/she hasn't seen yet. He/she continues drawing. Now everyone draws the body then folds the paper and again passes it to the player next to. At last must be drawn the low extremities. And now unfold the picture and let you be surprised at seeing a creature you've got!

CHAIN - Kids Games
In a fixed time the player must make a chain of the paper clips. The player whose chain is the longest wins the game.

BURGLAR - Kids Games
The players are given a bunch of different keys and a padlock. The object is to fit the key and to unlock the padlock as fast as possible.

HEN - Kids Games
The object of the game is to write a word as legible as possible with the felt-tip-pen tied to the foot.

This game is well-known to many people. The players must transmit a complicated phrase to the last player in the row. Usually when the phrase comes to the last player it is distorted. There is a similar game. But instead of the phrase, the players transmit a drawing. The first player draws an arbitrary object on the sheet of paper. The second looks at it for 10 seconds, then draws the similar object on his sheet of paper, shows it to the third etc. Then the players compare the first drawing with the last.

PANTOMIME  - Kids Games
Get ready as many different articles as there are the players. Take any articles you like - a piece of soap, a pen, a sponge, a candy, a balloon etc. Do not show all these articles to the players. Write the name of each article on the sheet of paper. Fold up all the sheets of paper so that the players cannot see what is written on them. Each player draws out a sheet of paper. With the help of pantomime the players must show what is written on their sheets of paper. All the rest players try to guess what kind of article is represented to them. The player who guesses what kind of article it is gets this article as a prize.

With the thick mittens on the hands try to guess what object do you hold.

DRAW A COW - Kids Games
The players must draw a cow being blindfolded. At first they draw the eyes, then drop the hand and make a pause, then draw the snout, drop the hand, make a pause and draw the horns etc.

Tie a felt-tip-pen to a ski stick. The task is to draw something or to write a text. (Do not put the stick on the shoulder!) The player who fulfils the task the fastest and the most accurate gets the prize.

Put the glasses or little buckets full of water on the toy cars. Tie the strings of 3-5 meters to the cars. At the command the players must wind the string on the stick so as to draw the cars to themselves. If the water in the glass (bucket) on one of the cars is splashing the leader loudly names the number of "the driver". This "driver" stops winding for a second. The player who is the first to draw the car to himself (not having splashed the water) is the winner. He gets the prize.

PUSS IN BUTS - Kids Games
The players are divided into two teams. Each team is given a pair of very big boots and a wide-brimmed hat. At the signal the players get on the boots, put on the hat, run to the little flag, take off the hat, make a bow, put on the hat again, return to their teams and give the hats and the boots to the next players in the teams.

DOLLS - Kids Games
There are 2 dresses and 2 headscarves on the chair. The player who is the first in putting on the dress and tying a scarf on his head is the winner.

You'll need a cardboard ring with the diameter of 3-5 cm. Attach the ring to the 1m. long stick. Place some bottles in the room. The object of the player is to put the ring on the neck of one bottle, holding the stick by the end. It'd be better to use in this game the beverages you drink in your company. These bottles would be the prizes.

HOSTESSES - Kids Games
Two dolls lie in their cradles. Two players must wake up the dolls, do their morning exercises with them, wash their faces, clean their teeth, comb, make their beds, dress them, feed them, have a walk with them, play with them, wash their hands, feed them, undress them and sing a lullaby. The player who copes with the tasks the first is the winner.

The balloon is tied to the left leg of each of 2 players. The object of the game is to burst a rival's balloon with the right leg.

The prize is raffled among 2 players. They stand facing each other, the prize is on the seat of the chair, standing in front of them. The leader begins to count: one, two, three� hundred; one, two, three� thousand etc. The object of the game is to grab the prize when the leader says "three" (not three thousand or three hundred).

SKITTLE - Kids Games
The player stands at the chair, on which there is a skittle. Then he/she makes 8-10 steps forward and stops. Here the player is blindfolded and turned around for several times. Then he/she must make 8-10 steps backward to the chair and take a skittle. The player who manages to do it gets the prize.

Each player must run a certain distance, holding a spoon with a big potato in it in the hand. The players run in turn. The jury notes down the time. If the potato falls down, the player must put it in the spoon again and continue his/her run. To run without a potato in the spoon means to break the rules. The player who covered the distance in the shortest time is the winner. The competition of 2 teams in this game may be more interesting.

Each player must cover the certain distance jumping with the small box or tennis ball between his/her knees. The time is noted down. If the ball or the small box falls down, the player places it between his/her knees again and continues to jump. The player who covers the distance in the shortest time is the winner.

Put in a large cardboard box empty cans, old boots and cardboard fish. On each can, boot or fish there is a special little wire hoops. The fishing-rod is a long stick with the wire hook at the end. The hook is attached to the rod with the help of the thick string. The players catch the fish not seeing it (because it lies on the bottom of the box. The smaller is the hook on the fish, the bigger is the number of points written on it. The players catch the fish in turn. Each of them has only one minute to cope with it. The first player who has the necessary number of points is the winner. The players who catch a can or a boot loose half of their points.

Mix some peas, beans, lens, dried ash berries (not more than 3-4 kinds at a time). "Cinderella's" object is to sort this mix being blindfolded. The player who manages to sort this mix in the shortest period of time becomes the winner. Sometimes the players make mistakes - they put the corns to the wrong heaps. In these cases the players must be fined. The leader puts the wrong corns to the mix again.

Make a knot in the middle of the long cord. Attach a pencil to each end of the cord. Two players wind up the cord on their pencils. The fastest player becomes the winner. Instead of cord you may take thick string.

CUP AND BALL - Kids Games
It's an old French game with a cup and a ball. The object of the player is to catch the ball with the cup. Take a 40cm long lace and attach one end of it to the ping-pong ball with scotch. Another end of the lace is attached to the bottom of the plastic cup or tied to the handle of the cup. Several players participate in this game. They must toss the ball up and then catch it with the cup. The player gets a point each time he/she catches the ball. The ball is caught in turn. If one of the players doesn't manage to catch the ball, he/she passes it to the player next to. The player who has the greatest number of points is the winner.

THE FASTEST - Kids Games
The players are divided into 2 teams. Each team is given a sack with a shirt, a cap, a pair of boots and trousers. At the command the first player of each team runs to the sack, puts on all enumerated pieces of clothes, says "I'm the fastest", takes off the clothes, puts them back into the sack and runs to his team. The next player of each team does the same. The team which finishes the game the first is the winner.

Draw a crooked line on the floor with the chalk. It's "a path". The object of the players is to walk along this "path" looking at it through the binocular turned upside down. The player who walks this "path" the fastest is the winner.

CAP ON A CAP - Kids Games
Make a large paper cap and several smaller ones. The smaller caps must be of different colors. The small caps hang each on the string. In turn the players put on the large cap and then being blindfolded and turned around for several times they must squat and stand up so that to hit a smaller cap with the large one.

DECORATE A - Kids Games
Take several new year tree decorations with the wire hoops. Take a fishing-rod with hook. With the help of the fishing-rod the player put all the decorations on the fir tree and then takes them off. The player who copes with it in a prescribed time (e.g. 2 minutes) wins the game. For a fir tree you may also use a dry branch with plenty of twigs.

Without using the hands the teams pass a fake thermometer to one another. The thermometer must always be under the left arm. The fastest team wins the game.

JOURNEY - Kids Games
Draw several crossing "paths" with the color chalks on the floor. Each player chooses his/her own path and walks along it as fast as possible. The player who finishes "the journey" the first is the winner.

HUNTERS - Kids Games
The players' object is to fire a gun or to shoot a bow. But they should fire at those animals only, the voices of which they hear on the tape. Among these animals may be a fox, a cock, a duck, a cow, a frog etc.

PUT ON A CAP - Kids Games
The object of the player is to put on a paper cap attached to long stick onto the rival's head. Usually 2 players take part in this game. They try to put on the caps on each other's heads as fast as possible.

MARATHON - Kids Games
With the help of a usual syringe the player must lead the ping-pong ball to the end of the distance as fast as possible.

TWO OXEN - Kids Games
Put "the harness" (a long string) on 2 players. Each of them tries to drag the rival off his/her direction. At the same time each player tries to reach the prize, which lies at a 50cm distance from each player.

RALLY - Kids Games 
Sitting on the skateboard the player must reach the place where there is a prize. You may change this game: Standing on the skateboard and using the skiing sticks to reach the finish as fast as possible.

DIVER - Kids Games
With the flippers on their feet the players must pass a certain route, looking through the binocular turned upside down.

WITCH - Kids Games 
The player steps with one of his feet into the empty pail. Another foot is on the ground. Holding the handle of the pail in hands and a swab in another, the player must cover the fixed distance and then pass a pail and a swab to the following player.

GOLDEN KEY - Kids Games
The players act as swindlers from the tale "Pinocchio". In each pair of the players there should be Alice fox and Bazilio cat. Alice fox bends one knee and holds it with the hand. Bazilio cat is blindfolded. Alice fox and Bazilio cat cover the distance embracing one another. The pair which hobbles the finish the first gets "the golden key"- the prize.

WITCH-2 - Kids Games
Each player takes a twig. Then the players choose "a witch". "The witch" must be the deftest player. At first "the witch" draws the line of border of her camp. All the rest players are out of the camp, they mustn't walk there. Then the witch goes out and cries: "The witch goes out for a walk!" and begins to chase the players with the twigs. The player who is struck by the witch's twig, becomes her "son" and they quickly run the camp. All the rest players chase them striking them with the twigs. Then "the witch" goes out for the second time. Now she holds her "son" by his twig and they chase the players together. But it is only "the witch", who may strike the players with the twig. Her "son" may only detain the player. But the player becomes the witch's captive only when she strikes him/her with the twig. New captives become witch's "children". They hold each other by the twigs, so they make a chain. As the new player is caught the chain breaks and they together run to the witch's camp, being chased by the other players. The witch's "children" must also save themselves (to run to the camp) if the chain is broken by one of the players or if "the witch" forgets to say her words: "The witch goes out for a walk!" The player who strikes the witch's children not in time becomes witch's "son". The game finishes when all the players become witch's children or when she catches more than 4-5 players.

POLAR BEARS - Kids Games
Outline the playing ground (approximately 10m x 12m) - "the sea". Near it outline the less ground - "the ice - floe". 2 players are "polar bears", whose place is "the ice - floe". All the rest players are "the bear cubs". They take up their positions on the large playing ground - "the sea". On hearing "the signal" "the polar bears" begin to catch "the bear cubs" ("The polar bears" link their arms and catch "the bear cubs "so that they are between their linked arms). The captured "bear cub" is led to "the ice - floe". When there are 2 "bear cubs" on "the ice - floe" they may also catch "the bear cubs". The game continues until all 'the bear cubs" are caught. The player who is caught the last is considered to be the deftest. The rules of the game. The players who run out the playing ground are considered to be caught and they must go to "the ice - floe". "The polar bears mustn't grab the players at their clothes or hands. They may only encircle them. The captured "bear cubs" mustn't tear themselves away from "the polar bears".

One player chases the other. But the chased player may be "saved", if one of the players crosses the line of run between the chaser and the chased. According to the rules of the game the chased turns to chase the player who "saved" his/her fellow-player.

FISHING-ROD - Kids Games
The players get into a circle. The leader is in the center of the circle with "the fishing-rod" in his/her hands. "The fishing-rod" is a 3-4m long string with the sac full of sand attached to the end of it. Standing in the center of the circle the leader spins round "the fishing-rod". While gliding the floor the sac may touch the players' feet. So their task is to jump up as the sac does not touch them. The player touched by the sac is out of the game.

Divide the players into "animals" and "hunters". Give " the hunters" the balls. "The hunters" try to hit "the animals" with them. "The animal hit by the ball is out of the game. The task of "the animals" is to catch the ball on the spot.

TAG - Kids Games
There are several variants of the well-known game.
The first variant - to catch the running player only (not to catch players who squat)
The second variant - not to catch the players who hold each other by the hands
The third variant: Every player except the leader has a fillet hidden under the collar. The leader tries to draw the fillet out. The player whose fillet is drawn out becomes the leader.

Draw a circle (5-7m in radius) round the tree or the stake - "the pond". Tie a 3-4m long string to the tree. The leader - "the little fisherman "holds the end of the string in his hands. "The fisherman" tries to catch the players - "the fish" - who run within the circle. The players who are caught are out of the circle. The last player who remains within the circle becomes the leader in the next round.

Divide players into groups of three. The first player in each team is "a squirrel", the second is "a nut", the third is "a cone". Each team, which consists of "a squirrel, a cone", and "a nut" links their arms, forming a little circle. The leader is in the center of the playing ground. The leader cries: "Squirrels!" and all the players named as "squirrels" must exchange their places. While they are changing the leader tries to occupy any of the vacant places. If he/she manages to do it he/she becomes "the squirrel" and the former "squirrel", who has no place becomes the leader. At the command "Nuts!" or "Cones!" The players exchange the places accordingly. When the game is in full swing the leader may command: "Squirrels, nuts, cones!" Then all the players must exchange their places. Here you may stop the game.

The instructor holds an open umbrella in his/her hands.
- Kid, my umbrella longs to fly away. It longs to travel. Those, who are not afraid, follow me!
All the children stand under the instructor's umbrella. They are whirling to the music with the leader. Then it gets dark. (The instructor switches off the light.) Strange sounds are heard. (The instructor imitates animals' cries.)
- Where we are? It seems to me we are in jungles. Let's listen to the sounds. The trees want to tell us something. Can you hear? They propose us to play blind man's buff. But this game is not a usual one. (The children are given the masks of animals - bear, wolf, panther, monkey etc.)
- Who are you now? What tale have you remembered?
- "Jungle Book"!
- Right you are! Your leader is Mawgli, all of you - are his friends. Mawgli must remember the masks of the players. When he catches one of the players he must recognize the player by his/her mask. All the players may attract leader's attention by the sounds. But the players may only utter the sounds of the animals the masks of which they have. e.g. "the panther" may utter "mew", "r-r-r", "the snake" - "sh-sh-sh" etc.
You may make this game more difficult. All the children take different noise making and musical instruments: pipes, rattles, bells, mouth organs etc. The leader must recognize the players by the sounds of their instruments. The players exchange the instruments every round.

CITIES - Kids Games
Draw some circles (1,5 m in diameter) on the ground. The circles are at the distance of about 2 m from each other. Each circle has the name of the city: Moscow, Washington, Berlin etc. The number of the circles is less by one the number of the players. At the instructor's command the players take up their places in the circles. One of the players has no "the city" of his/her own. He/she is a leader. The object of the leader is to occupy any of the vacant cities. The object of the players is "to tease" the leader. They decide upon their exchanging the cities behind the leader's back with the help of the gestures and run to each other's circles. In this moment the leader can take up any of these circles. The player who "looses" his/her circle becomes the leader.

WOLF AND HARE - Kids Games
The players choose the leader and sit down on the ground in a circle. The leader slowly walks round the circle from the outside. As he/she walks he/she touches each player saying "wolf" or "hare". If the player is called "wolf" he/she stands up and runs down the leader, while the leader tries to take up the vacant place of the "wolf". If the leader takes up the vacant place, "the wolf" becomes the leader.

MUDDLE - Kids Games
There are 2 teams in this game. The players of the first team stand with their backs to the other team. Meanwhile the players of the second team take each other by the hands and get into a circle. They begin "to tangle" (to step over each other's hands so as to make a tangled ball). While "tangling" the players mustn't let each other's hands go. The players of the first team must "untangle" this ball.

Players are in a circle. They pass the balloon to each other behind their backs, trying not to hold it for a long time in their hands. Then after the signal the player who has a balloon in his hands is out of the game.

The players get into a circle and fulfill the commands of the leader. But they must fulfill only those commands which begin with the word "Kid". For example: "Kid, squat!" "Kid, link your arms!" "Stand apart!" The player, who fulfils the last command is out.

The leaders is blindfolded and placed in the middle of the room. All the players choose their places at any piece of furniture (at the chair, table, sofa etc). Then "the blind man" turns around for several times and starts his search. All the rest players try not to be caught by him. But at the same time they mustn't leave their places. They are only allowed to squat, to bow, to climb on to their pieces of furniture etc. Anyway they must touch their places at least with the fingers or toes. Those who come off their places are out. The task of "the blind man" is not only to touch the player, but also to recognize him/her. If "the blind man" mistakes in identifying the person, all the rest clap their hands and the game goes on.

WHO HAS THE RING? - Kids Games 
Take a little ring, pass string or fishing line through it so as to make a large circle with the ring on it. The players sit around the circle holding it in their hands. The leader is out of the circle. On hearing the signal the players pass the ring along the string round the circle. If the leader notices the ring in someone's hands, the player who has it becomes the leader.

MUSIC CHAIR - Kids Games
It's probably the most popular game. Put several chairs in a circle with their backs inside. The number of the chairs must be less by one than the number of the players. As the music plays the players walk round the chairs. As the music stops, the players try to take their places on the chairs. The player who hasn't taken the place is out. After that take away one chair (as the number of players became less by one). The player who remains the last in the game is the winner. Sometimes you may change this game a little bit. As the music stops, the player, who hasn't taken the place, sits down on the lap of any player. Then one more chair is taken away. The game goes on until all the players sit on the lap of each other.

Pour some wheat, peas, oats, beans etc. into the basin. All the ladies sit around the basin. They are blindfolded. Their task is to pick out as many peas as possible in one minute. The lady who manages to pick out the greatest number of peas is the most practical one.

There are 2 teams (6 players each) in this game. The leader is "a grandmother". She sits at a table. On the table there is a tea-pot, two cups, two dishes with cookies. At the leaders command the grandchildren one at a time come to "the grandmother", greet her politely, ask her how does she feel, pour out a cup of tea take a cookie and thank "the grandmother". "The grandmother" chooses the kindest, the politest and the fastest "grandson/daughter" and gives him/her the prize.

RACE - Kids Games
The players run over the blocks of wood in zigzag line riding a broom. The blocks of wood are at the distance of 2-3 m from each other. The player who runs the distance the first and doesn't topple over the blocks of wood is the winner.

PRIZE IN A LOOP - Kids Games
On the table there are 2 prizes (e.g. an apple and a candy) over them there stands a stool. From the stool hang down two loops. The player must put his/her hand in them to take the prize. One of the players holds the ends of the laces with the loops in his/her hands. The second player tries to grab the prizes. The player who is caught by his hand looses one point as well as his opponent who doesn't succeed in tightening the loop. If the first player tightens the loop before the other touches the prize he also looses a point.

Chinese whispers
Sit everyone in a circle.  Whisper a long phrase to one person.  They, in turn, whisper what they heard to the next person, and so on.  The last person announces what they heard.

Pass the Parcel 
Wrap a bar of chocolate (or some other gift), in a layer of paper.  Now wrap it in another layer and repeat until you have about 10 layers.  Finally wrap it in gift paper (so it looks nice). 
Sit everyone in a circle and play a short snippet of music.  When the music stops, the person holding the parcel removes ONE layer of wrapping. Repeat until the last layer of wrapping has been removed. 
The winner keeps the present.

Pass the Parcel with forfeits
As above but every layer contains a forfeit (such as Sing a song, Eat a teaspoon of Mustard, have your belly button filled with water).

The Chocolate (or Jelly) Game
Sit everyone in a circle and place a tray in the middle with a hat, scarf, gloves, knife and fork, die and a wrapper bar of chocolate. 
In turn, players throw the die.  If they throw a SIX, they must put on the Hat, Scarf and Gloves before they start to unwrap the chocolate with the knife and fork, ad then start to eat it. 
To speed up the game add a second die and require a Double SIX. 
The Jelly Variation is to turn out a set jelly onto a plate and eat it with the knife and fork.

Musical Chairs
The old favorite.  With one fewer chairs than people, a short snippet of music is played while the people move around the room.  When the music stops everyone tries to sit on a vacant chair.  (Only ONE person per chair)  The person who doesn't find a chair is out.  One chair is taken away and the game continues until only one person (The Winner) is left.

Memory Game

On a tray, place about 10 to 15 small items (e.g. pencil, watch, comb, shoe lace, spoon, toy car, etc.) and cover with a cloth. Sit everyone in a circle. Place the tray in the middle of the circle and remove the cloth for 60 seconds.  Everyone has to remember the objects.  When the time is up, replace the cloth. In turn, each person has to name an object on the tray.  The first person to fail to name an object, repeat an object or name something not on the tray is out.  The tray is then removed and some or all of the objects replaced, and the game re-started with the person following the one who is out.  If the game is too easy for the group, add more objects or reduce the time.

Musical Statues
This is like Musical Chairs, but when the music stops, the players have to keep still.  Anyone who moves, quivers, shakes etc is out.  The winner is the last one still playing.

Listen and Move
Place party shapes on the floor in a circle. For example if your theme is Knights the shapes could be shields, swords, and castles. Kid walk around circle while listening to music. If the music is loud the children move fast. If the music is quiet the children move slow. If the music stops, the children stop on the closest shape. Young children like to play it this way. 

To make it more challenging for older children have 1 less shape than the number of children. Continue remove shapes as the children are 'out'.

Postman's Knock
All the boys gather in a group and each takes a card with a sequential number (One, Two, Three etc).  The girls do the same.  The boys then form a line (shoulder to shoulder) facing the girls who are in a similar line.  (Players should NOT stand in order.  First a girl calls out a number and the boy with that number goes across to kiss her.  The a boy calls out a number and the girl with that number goes and kisses him.

Port and Starboard
On the command (from the list below) the children have to do the appropriate action.  After a while, start removing the last player to comply, until only one remains. 

  • Port (run to one side to the area)
  • Starboard (run to the other side)
  • Captains Coming Aboard (Stand to attention and Salute)
  • Submarines (lie on the floor)
  • Hoist the Mainsail (run on the spot - like climbing the rigging)
  • Mess Deck (Sit cross legged on the floor - ready for lunch)
  • Davey Jones (Climb a tree, stand on a chair - anything so that you are not on the floor)
  • Up Periscope (Stand up straight and old hands to eyes as though looking through binoculars)
British Bulldog
This game can get rough. All the players (except one) line up at one side of the playing area.  The remaining player (The Bulldog) stands in the middle.  When he is ready, he shouts "Go" and all the other players have to get to the other side without being caught.  Any player the The Bulldog can lift off the ground while he shouts "British Bulldog", joins him in the middle as a Bulldog.  On subsequent runs, the Bulldogs may work together.  The winner is the last one to be caught.

Split the party goers into teams of three and give each team a toilet roll.  Two persons then wrap the third in the toilet roll so that they look like an Egyptian Mummy.  The winning team is the one who in a set time (say 2 minutes) have the neatest and most covered Mummy.

Everyone stands a circle (except one who is standing in the middle) and has been told to remember a different station name.  The person in the middle calls out two names.  The stations have to change places quickly, before the person in the middle can get to one of the empty spaces.  Who ever is left without a place is the person in the middle for the next game. 

Pass the Orange
Arrange for teams of about 8 to stand in a line, one behind the other (arranged boy, girl, boy,...).  Give each team an orange which the first person should tuck under his chin.  This should be passed to the person behind.  When the orange gets to the last person, they come to the front of the line and start again.  The winning team is the first one which gets their starting person to the front again.

Sleeping Pirate
All the children (except one - The Pirate) sit Cross Legged on the floor in a circle.  The pirate sites Cross-legged in the middle of the circle, blind-folded, with a large bunch of keys on the floor in front of him. A child is nominated to creep up and take the keys and then return to their place, without the pirate hearing them.  The Pirate has three goes to point to where he thinks the raider is.  If he is successful, the raider becomes the Pirate.

Balloon Pop
Place notes inside un-inflated balloons,1 or 2 of the notes should indicate that this balloon is a winner. Inflate the balloons and hang them around. Let each child pick a balloon then pop it to see if their note is a winner. 

Balloon Relay
Divide the children into 2 or more equal teams and stand them in a line. Give each team ten balloons in a basket. The first in each line takes a balloon and runs to the other side of the room/yard/area and sits or stomps on the balloon to pop it.  After popping the balloon they run back to the line and tag the next person who does the same thing. The game goes on until one team has popped all of their balloons. The winning team gets a small prize (like a ribbon) while EVERYONE gets a small toy.

Toy Walk
This is done like a cake walk.  Have numbers on the ground for as many children (1-10).  Walk on the numbers until the music stops.  Have numbers on some small toys.  If a child is standing on the number of the toy, they win the toy 

Whistling Crackers
You give every child 3 soda crackers. When you say "GO" every child puts all the crackers at once in his/her mouth. The first one to whistle wins. (You can also substitute the soda crackers with peanut butter but make sure there are no Allergies). 

Can You Guess
Put several small items into a brown paper bag. Blindfold one person and hand them one of the items in the bag.  Give them a few seconds to guess what the item is.  If they are unsuccessful they are out. The last one wins. 

Stuck in the Mud
One person is 'IT' and has to run round touching as many people as they can.   When they have touched someone, that person has to stop and stand with their legs apart and their hands out stretched, until someone crawls through their legs.  If you've been caught three times, then you are out.  The game ends when everyone left is standing still.

Ducky Ducky
Everyone sits in a circle except one who is given a pillow and blind-fold.  They then go and place the pillow on a persons lap, sit on it and say ducky ducky.  The person should say "quack quack" this can be done only 3 times.  If the blind person guesses the name the person, they should now be given the blind fold and the game run over again - after everyone has changed their places.

BUTTERFLY - Kids Games
Each of the 2 participants takes a big butter-fly-net and a balloon. The object of each player is to catch the rival's balloon with the net as soon as possible, trying not "to loose" his/her own balloon.

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