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Enjoy this party game fitted to the Bridal Shower party theme:
COLLAGE: Separate the guests into several teams. Have an assortment of magazines (usually 3-5 per group), glue, scissors and an 11x14 piece of construction paper, for each team. Give each team a list of WORDS and or PICTURES (usually about 15 items of either or combination of both) of things that they need to find in their magazines that they need to glue to the paper. First team finished wins! Now what do you do with the collages?? Give them to the Bride to be of course! So when making up your "items" put a little fun in them like...."A man in jeans Butt" the word "Penis" the "Name of the Bride to be" (that one can be tough to find so they can cut out some letters for that one...that should be the HEADER of the paper) or perhaps you want to find words that describe the bride to be. The suggestions are endless!

And, here is another Bridal Shower party idea:
PURSE POWER: Have all the guests have their purses in front of them for this game. Make a list (beforehand) of common and uncommon things that can be found in a woman's purse. Assign each item a point value. (hairbrush might be worth 2 points, lipstick 3 points/5 if it is red, mirror...etc.) Uncommon items should have a higher point value (lotion, staple get the idea!) Liven things up a bit and put down a condom and value that at 20 points! The list is endless and is great fun! Keep the items simple and not too uncommon or you may wind up with an unhappy guest who doesn't have anything but a wallet in her purse!! VARIATION to this game might be: Have the BRIDE to be hold the "master" and let her decide what "item" should be found and the first person to present that item receives the points for that round. You will need a score keeper or let them keep their own. 

The mothers friends and the brides friends gather together at Bridal Showers. Having activities that can help the guests learn each others names is a good ice breaker. The main event at a Bridal Shower is the gift opening so be creative with your gift and get the bridal something funny and unique.

Free Printable Bridal Shower Party Game & Pen and Paper Activity
Free Printable Bridal Shower Party Game and Pen and Paper Activity

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Word Search, Word Find and Word Scramble for Bridal Shower Parties:
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Bridal Shower Printable Games
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Bridal Shower Printable Games
Bridal Shower Coloring Page
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