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Free Bachelorette Party Games Printable Bachelorette Games

Free Bachelorette Party Games

We have a huge selection of bachelorette party games for a wild bride-to-be celebration.  Have a fun time!  For more information on bachelorette parties check out Bachelorette Party Favors A complete resource for all your bachelorette party favors and planning tips.  More and more Bachelorette Party Games  here.

Bachelorette Party Game Bag On My Head
A silly icebreaker Bachelorette party game!  First, the hostess passes out brown grocery bags to every guest. As soon as the guest gets the bag, they cannot speak. The hostess then tells the guests that the have to put the bag on their heads and cannot take it off until she says. Then the hostess will tell everyone to take off something they don't need. (i.e. watch, necklace, etc.) But they're really supposed to take the bag off!! The last person to realize that it's the bag that she doesn't need, wins the prize.

Bachelorette Party Game They're Playing Our Song
As each guest comes in, get them to write down the song from the first dance at their wedding and their name. If the person is a Bachelor, they can write down "the song" from their current relationship or can just pick their favorite love song. It's OK if people have the same song. Later, the hostess will read each song one by one and the guests will write down who they think that song matches up with. Make sure everyone is given a chance to think and analyze a bit before moving on to the next song. After all the songs have been read, the hostess will read the songs again and reveal who it belongs to. Guests get 1 point for each correct answer and 3 points is they guess the wedding song of the bride. The person with the most points wins. The hostess then gives the guest a small gift as a prize.

Bachelorette Party Game Blindfold Nylon Game
Have the party guests sit in a circle so everyone can see each other. Choose a guest to start with and have her put on dish washing gloves. Blindfold her and then give her nylons. Give her 1 minute to put the nylons on. The person who gets the closest to getting the nylons all the way on wins the prize. This is the funniest game I have ever played at a shower. It is much harder then you would think!

Bachelorette Party Game And the Bride Wore...
A bachelorette party memory testing game is fun to play after a few drinks.  After one or two games have been played, the bride casually leaves the room - telling no-one. The hostess then announces that the next game is "and the bride wore..." Take out your pre-made list of 10 questions about how the bride looked. Examples: Was her hair up or down? What color were her shoes? Was she wearing a bracelet? The guest who answers the most questions correctly wins.
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Bachelorette Party Game Timer Goes Off
This is a cute way to hand out door prizes to the guests attending the bachelorette party. While the bride-to-be is opening her gifts, set a timer to go off for an undisclosed amount of time. Whenever the timer goes off, whoever's gift the bride is opening at that time receives the door prize. Continue setting the timer for different amounts of time each time you set it. Watch everyone get really excited each time the bride starts opening their gift!

Bachelorette Party Game
Party Crasher
I had a friend of mine, whom the bride didn't know come with her daughter.  They walked into the party (nobody knew her) and put her gift on the table then sat down.  The bride-to-be's Mom (who is my sister) started talking to her trying to find out who she was.  Then everybody was kind of asking her who she was related to, etc.  I just sat back and acted like I didn't know who she was and not saying much, because I didn't want to laugh.  Well, we went around the room and everybody said who they were and who they were related to, such as cousin to the bride, aunt of the groom, etc.  When it came to my friend, she said, "You know, I think I'm at the wrong shower"  She acted like she was all flustered, went to stand up and dumped her purse all over the floor.  Of course everybody tried to help her and we all felt terrible and embarrassed for her.  So I helped her to the door and thanked her and walked back into the room where everybody was talking and whispering.  I said, "OK, that was my friend Charlene, and it was all staged.  Everybody write down what she had dumped out in her purse".  She had duct tape, a beanie baby, lots of weird stuff.  We are still laughing about 
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Bachelorette Party Game Recipes for the Bride
When sending out the bachelorette party invitations, include a recipe card in each invitation. Ask the guest to write their favorite recipe and bring it to the shower. When each guest arrives, ask for the recipe and place it in a box, bag or basket. Throughout the shower, have the bride reach in and grab a recipe card. Whosever card is picked receives a door prize. It's a great way to get the bride started in the kitchen!!!

Bachelorette Party Game Bridal Rage 
Sent in by Teresa Williams. The bride blind folds all of her guest. The bride will make several noises such as snapping her fingers, tap dancing, letting the air out of a balloon, popping a piece of bubble wrap, drumming pots, or any strange quickly as she can. The guest can give their answers one at a time. The guest who identifies the most sounds wins the prize. The guests only have 5 seconds, one chance for each for guessing, and there is to be no blurting out!

Bachelorette Party Game The Name Game
get a piece of paper and a pen and have everyone write the name of the bride and groom down the edge of the paper. You then give everyone 3 minutes to write down things that have to do with a wedding that start with the letters in the names. When the timer is done then have everyone compare answers, if someone has the same answer then it doesn't count. So after everyone has read their answers then who ever has the most wins!

Bachelorette Party Game Hot Potato
All the guests sat around in a circle. A box was handed to me and we were told to pass the box around until the music stopped. Whoever possessed the box when the music stopped, had to wear the contents of the box. I did not want to be the bearer of the box because I feared it was a shower cap! But, at the end I was the one who had possession when the music stopped (coincidence? I think not...) and it turned out to be a wonderful floral corsage. I wore it on my chest for the rest of the bachelorette  party.

Free Bachelorette Party Games!

No time to set up the bridal shower party games?  Then try using the printable games and activities. Instantly print the games.

Free Bridal Shower Party Games
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Free Bridal Shower Games:

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