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Free Bridal Shower Party Games & Activities

Free Bridal Shower Party Games Printable Shower Games

Free Bridal Shower Game:
The Wedding is Over

Making the bride look as silly as possible is fun for her and all the guests! For the bridal shower you are planning, plan to have some fun with the theme of the event.

Decorate the house with lots of Bridal Shower decorations to make everyone feel the excitement of the occasion.  
Here's a bridal shower game that plays right into that area. Consider it for your next shower. 

The wedding is over, let the honeymoon begin! Before the party starts you will need to stuff a suitcase full of clothing and accessory items. Make sure the clothing items are big enough to fit over the bride-to-be's clothing. Include silly items such as over-sized sunglasses, men's underwear, a huge bra, work gloves or anything else that would get a good laugh. 

At some point during the party tell the guests to imagine the couple are on their honeymoon and the electricity goes out, now instruct the bride to get ready for the evening in the dark. Blindfold the bride-to-be and give her the suitcase you prepared earlier. She will look so silly wearing the clothes! 

Make sure you take pictures when she is done. Everyone will enjoy the way that this game is played and the bride will definitely get a big laugh! Have lots of bridal shower party favors for your guests to take home to remember this festive fun event! 

A variety of bridal shower party games along with various activities will be the perfect addition for a fun filled bridal shower. From activities such as The Wedding is Over and Design the Brides Dress to games such as Purse Power and Skirt Tails, having fun with friends with friends while celebrating with the bride to be will be very special.

Tons more free bridal shower party games are listed on the right navigation.

Free Bridal Shower Games!

Free Bridal Shower Party Games
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Free Bridal Shower Games:
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Catchy Slogans
How Well Do You Know the Bride?
Caught In the Middle
Date Game
Memories of the Bride
Create the Future
Recipe for Marriage
Where is My Underwear
Complete Set of New Plates
Bizarre Wedding Advise
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Vowels Using Songs
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Story Telling
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On Their Wedding Night
What Year?
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Unbelievable Teddy
Lemon Wrecking Balls
Pickle Eater
Can I get your autograph?
Hula Race
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Candy Bar Poems
Gingerbread Design

Printable Bridal Shower Party GamesNo time to set up the bridal shower party games?  Then try using the printable games and activities. Instantly print the games.
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