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Enjoy this party game fitted to the Engagement party theme:
ENGAGEMENT DESCRIBE ME? GAME: Tape an index card to each person’s back. Ask everyone to mingle, and once they have a good impression of the person they are talking to, they are to write their ‘first impression’ of that person on the card taped to their back. After an hour or two of this, everyone should have a comment from almost everyone else in the room. Allow each person to take the card off their back now, and read it, delighting in the responses they’ve received

And, here is another Engagement party idea:
ENGAGEMENT NAME THAT NUMBER GAME: Give everyone a piece of cardboard with their name written on one side, and a number on the other. Have everyone keep the number to themselves. Ask the party guests to introduce themselves to as many people as they can in a certain amount of time. Then, towards the end of the evening, ask everyone to flip the cards around so that their number is showing. Everyone then gets a piece of paper, and has to try and correspond the number to the person’s name.

Hosting an Engagement Party is a large task, but completely manageable with some help, good planning and the right Engagement Party Supplies. Essentially, you are celebrating the future joining of two lives, so ensuring that all of the necessary items are on-hand and present for the Engagement Party is no small task. Think about which of the following items you want to have on hand for the big day, and make plans to have them made up if none are in place already: Old photos of the engaged couple as children, growing up, and together; Courtship keepsakes; Engagement photographs; A family tree, showing both families joined; and “The Story of How We Met”

Free Printable Engagement Party Game & Pen and Paper Activity
Free Printable Engagement Party Game and Pen and Paper Activity

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Word Search, Word Find and Word Scramble for Engagement Parties:
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