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Enjoy this party game fitted to the 30th Birthday party theme:
FETCH AN APPLE: Two teams take part in this game. Each team consists of 6 players. The teams form up in lines. The first 2 players in each line are given the tea spoons. At the distance of 8 m from the teams there are 2 chairs. On each chair there is an apple. The first players run to the chairs with their spoons and put the apples on them without using the hands. Then they run back, put the apples onto the spoons of the second players and give their spoons to the third players of their teams. If the apple falls down the players must pick it with the help of their spoons and continue the game. The winners and the conquered get apples as the prize.

And, here is another 30th Birthday party idea:
GAMES TO PLAY WHILE DANCING: Ladies ask gentlemen to a dance. The master of ceremonies announces that during the dance ladies may ask the gentlemen, who are dancing with their ladies, to a dance. On coming to a dancing pair, the ladies clap their hands. On having received this signal, the gentleman begins to dance with this lady. While his lady asks any other gentleman to a dance in the same way.

Take a trip back memory lane for a 30th birthday with articles, newspapers, and magazines dated the birthday of the guest of honor. Bring to the party old photos of friends and family to create a keepsake scrapbook. Toast the birthday person with funny stories of past times at the 30th birthday party.

A theme party featuring 30th Birthday with party games altered to fit the 30th Birthday party makes the event stay tied together.  Go here for 30th Birthday Party Supplies.

30th Birthday Party Supplies come in colorful themes with a nice selection of 30th Birthday Decorations.  Three decades of life, a 30th birthday, is a special time to celebrate with friends and family.  Get ideas for 30th Birthday Party Favors to create a magical time at your event.  Have personalized party favors to make the memory lasting.  30th Birthday Party Supplies include pinatas, favors, centerpieces and more clever types 30th Birthday Party Theme Ideas.

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Free Printable 30th Birthday Party Game & Pen and Paper Activity
Free Printable 30th Birthday Party Game and Pen and Paper Activity

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Printable 30th Birthday Party Games

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