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Free Super Bowl Party Games & Ideas
Educational Printable Football Activities 

Free Super Bowl Party Games
Prohibited Movements

Super Bowl Printable Party Games: Super Bowl Home Party Games Bargain Blitz Pack! Enjoy the Super Bowl holiday with some fun free party games and activities. Prohibited Movements is a simple Super Bowl themed game to play.

SUPER BOWL'S PROHIBITED MOVEMENTS GAME: Adding a few new games to the Super Bowl party you are hosting is a good way to keep everyone interested in the game and the party. Let the celebration begin with this fun Super Bowl game. To begin this game the players get into a circle. They stand at the distance of stretched arms from each other. The leader is in the center of the circle. He/she makes different movements and the players repeat all of them exactly. But there are 2 movements that the players mustn't repeat. Instead of them they must make other movements. Upon these movements the players agree beforehand. For example, when the leader puts his/her hands on the back of the head the players must squat, or when the leader bends forward, the players must clap their hands etc. The player who makes mistakes is out of the game. A purchase of party supplies can add even more to your Super Bowl theme. You can make sure that everyone walks away with some great party favors for playing and winning at this great Super Bowl party game.


Super Bowl Party Supplies

Printable Superbowl Games:

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