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Free Super Bowl Party Games & Ideas
Educational Printable Football Activities 

Free Super Bowl Party Games
The Super Bowl Mummy Wrapping Contest

Super Bowl Printable Party Games: Super Bowl Home Party Games Bargain Blitz Pack! Enjoy the Super Bowl holiday with some fun free party games and activities. The Super Bowl Mummy Wrapping Contest is a simple Super Bowl themed game to play.

THE SUPER BOWL MUMMY WRAPPING CONTEST: Are you looking for something for your guests to do before the Super Bowl actually comes on? For those throwing a Super Bowl party, keeping guests entertained before the game starts is an important consideration. This game is an oldie but a goodie and everyone will enjoy it! No Superbowl party would be complete without playing a round of the Superbowl Mummy Wrapping Contest. In this game, couples are to participate. The girls will be wrapping up the guys into mummies using toilet rolls. Once wrapped, the five guys will race (or rather move very slowly) to a finishing line, without undoing the toilet papers. (Football themed toilet paper is available online.) Decorative party supplies and prizes of party favors are a definite must for your Superbowl party.


Super Bowl Party Supplies

Printable Superbowl Games:

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