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Free Thanksgiving Party Games & Educational Printable Activities for a Holiday Celebration 

Free Thanksgiving Party Game:
Make A Pilgrim

Printable Thanksgiving GamesEnjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with some fun free party games and activities. Make A Pilgrim is a simple Thanksgiving themed game to play.

Are you ready to make a pilgrim? Make a Pilgrim is a great Thanksgiving game that will be a hit with the kids at any party. You will need an even amount of players and several toilet paper rolls. Divide your guests into teams of two players each. Each team should have a "pilgrim" and a "costume designer". The costume designer has to design a pilgrim costume on their partner as quickly as possible. When the pilgrim is completely dressed, they will then break out of their costume and then start dressing up their partner. Remember speed and accuracy are key in this game so pay close attention to all who are competing. The team to dress each other first wins the Thanksgiving party game. Have prizes available for the team that wins the game and is willing to do the most to actually win the game.

Printable Thanksgiving Games
Printable Thanksgiving Party GamesPrintable Thanksgiving Party Games Printable Thanksgiving Party GamesPrintable Thanksgiving Party Games
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