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Printable Scavenger Hunt
Games For Parties and Events

Scavenger Hunt Ideas & History

Printable Scavenger Hunt Games
Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt Ideas & History

Entertaining and need a fun-filled game to keep your guests involved and having the time of their lives? The answer is a scavenger hunt, a game that may have started in the 1930s in the United States and has never showed signs of waning.

The concept is simple. You provide your guests, either as individuals or teams, with a list of items -- the zanier the better -- that they must find. First to report in with the required items wins. The only rule for you as the host/hostess is that the list can't be impossible. A sample list of things to find might include, for instance, a cancelled check, two safety pins, a pair of pink socks, an avocado, a certain brand of dog food, a calendar from a particular recent year, a bar of hotel soap and a red ballpoint pen.

Make it tough, but not so tough that the guests get discouraged and give up. And don't stymie them with a whole lot of rules. Specify that none of the items may be purchased, for instance, or put a time limit on the search.

Tailor your scavenger hunt to a holiday or special event such as a birthday or anniversary, selecting items that relate to that particular day. Or if it is kids you are entertaining, make the scavenger hunt a learning experience. Send them in pursuit of a black rock, a bird's feather, a particular flower or tree leaf, a bug and a blade of grass as long as their little finger. They'll vote you the hostess with the mostest. Fun, that is.

Scavenger hunts likely evolved from ancient folk games, experts say. In America, Elsa Maxwell, a noted Hollywood gossip columnist, was notable for the zany hunts she threw together. The current Guinness record-holder for the most people involved in a scavenger hunt is the town of Provo, Utah, which sponsored a hunt that attracted 2.079 participants.

If you are part of the technological mania, take a scavenger hunt to a new level with "geocaches" spread around the world for savvy GPS users to locate. Or keep your adult guests busy looking for architectural details, tidbits from local hot spots, ads or other details in your home city. The only limit to scavenger hunts is the amount of imagination you bring to the event. So think it over and be prepared for the most fun youo've had in awhile. You might have a prize, or offer the first refreshments to the winners.

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