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Free New Years Party Games & Educational Printable Activities for a Holiday Celebration 

Free New Years Party Game:
A New Years Office Party Game

Printable New Years Games Enjoy the New Years holiday with some fun free party games and activities. A New Years Office Party Game is a simple New Years themed game to play.

A NEW YEARS OFFICE PARTY GAME: An office party game that is definitely going to be a hit this year at your New Years party is this one. In this game the host acts like a detective, being snoopy the day before the New Years party by secretly going around to each person's desk and snatching one item off of their desk. Try to be discrete about it and donít make anyone angry. Picking a personal object to uniquely identify that individual is the goal. At the party, organize the items by laying everything out on a table. Then you will be assigning a number to each item. Everyone has to figure out which item came from whose desk! It is a total crack up to see who actually stays at their desk and works and who spends most of their days wandering around everyone else's office! Whatís more, everyone will love seeing more about the personality of those that they work with. You can enjoy this at the company holiday party or you can make it an afternoon break one day.

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Printable New Years Party GamesPrintable New Years Party Games Printable New Years Party GamesPrintable New Years Party Games
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