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Free Halloween Party Games & Educational Printable Activities for a Holiday Celebration

Free Halloween Party Game:
Fortune Telling

Printable Halloween GamesEnjoy the Halloween holiday with some fun free party games and activities. Fortune Telling is a simple Halloween theme party game to play.

FORTUNE TELLING GAME: A great game for your next Halloween or Mystery party the fortune teller in this predictive game gives a fun look at your future. Someone playing the fortune teller provides the person who is to having his or her fortune read with a piece of paper and a pencil and then tells them to: 1. Write "Yes" or "no." 2. "State a gentleman's or a lady's name." (If a lady's fortune is to be told she must write a gentleman's name and vice versa.) 3. "Give a number." 4. "Length of time." 5. "Yes or no." 6. "Yes or no." 7. "Yes or no." 8. "A color." 9. "A color." 10. "Yes or no." 11. "Yes or no." 12. "A shape." 13. "A measure." 14. "A sum of money." 15. "A sum of money." 16. "A virtue." 17. "A profession." 18. "The name of a place." 19. "A lady's or gentleman's name." 20. "The name of a place." 21. "A number." 22. "Yes or no." When these answers have all been written down, the fortune teller will proceed to read out the list of questions he or she has, with the answers corresponding in number. Below you can find an appended list of questions, which, of course, must not be shown to the person whose fortune is being told until he or she has written the answers. 1. Do you have a lover? 2. What is his or her name? 3. How old is he or she? 4. How long have you known him or her? 5. Does he or she know you love him or her? 6. Is your affection reciprocated? 7. Have you or has he proposed? 8. What color is his or her hair? 9. What color are his or her eyes? 10. Is he or she handsome? 11. Is he or she conceited? 12. What shape is his or her nose? 13. What size is his or her mouth? 14. What is his or her fortune? 15. How much will he or she allow you? 16. What is his or her chief virtue? 17. What is his or her profession? 18. Where did you first meet? 19. What is your rival's name? 20. Where do you intend to live? 21. How many other proposals have you had, or made? 22. Will the marriage be a happy one? Whomever is playing the fortune teller can give out a Halloween prize party favor to the guest to help sweeten the predictive fortune telling practice.

Printable Halloween Games
Printable Halloween Party GamesPrintable Halloween Party Games Printable Halloween Party GamesPrintable Halloween Party Games

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