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Free Easter Party Games & Educational Printable Activities for a Holiday Celebration

Free Easter Party Game:
Easter Shot Put Game

Printable Easter GamesEnjoy the Easter holiday with some fun free party games and activities. Easter Shot Put Game is a simple Easter themed game to play.

EASTER SHOT PUT GAME: First pour 1/3 of glass of water into each balloon. Then blow up the balloons to an equal size. Draw 1.5 diameter circles on the floor with the chalk. The balloon is "a shot". The player must "put a shot" as far as possible. The player who puts "a shot" the farthest is the winner. Easter parties are the perfect time for playing, the Easter Shot Put Game. This game is perfect for all ages and can be played with two or more people either individually or in teams. The main objective of this game is to toss a balloon(filled halfway with water) the farthest. The player that tosses the balloon the farthest wins the Easter Shot Put Game.

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