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Free Christmas Party Games & Educational Printable Activities for a Holiday Celebration

Christmas Party Games
Free Christmas Party Game:
Holiday Movie Trivia

Printable Christmas Games Enjoy the Christmas holiday with some fun free party games and activities. Holiday Movie Trivia is a simple Christmas themed game to play.

A triva Christmas party game. Who wants to play holiday movie trivia? Holiday Movie Trivia is a great office Christmas party game. Hand each group a list of movie trivia questions and a pencil. You keep a copy of the key to check the answers. Here is a list of sample questions and answers that you can use or you can come up with your own that may be more appropriate for the group that is coming to your party. The player who gets the most correct answers wins the game. Make sure you have party gifts for ewveryone that is attending.

1. In the 1988 film "Scrooge," the character played by Bill Murray is a cold-hearted: a) banker b) TV executive c) police officer d) politician

2. What's the name of George Bailey's guardian angel in "It's a Wonderful Life?"
a) Ariel b) Henry c) Clarence d) Frank

3. In "It's a Wonderful Life," George Bailey as a boy suffers an injury to his:
a) foot b) arm c) eyes d) ear

4. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is written by:
a) Tim Burton b) Martin Scorsese c) Jimmy Stewart d) Danny DeVito

5. "White Christmas" is set in
a) Colorado b) Montana c) New Hampshire d) Vermont

6. Who plays Bing Crosby's Army buddy in "White Christmas?"
a) Jimmy Stewart b) Dean Martin c) Danny Kaye d) Bob Hope

7. The little girl who's skeptical about Santa Clause in "Miracle on 34th Street" is played by:
a) Natalie Wood b) Audrey Hepburn c) Anne Bancroft d) Sharon Stone

8. Miracle on 34th Street revolves around which department store?
a) Bloomingdale's b) Macys c) Parisian d) Neiman Marcus

9. In "Home Alone, "a young boy is abandoned when his parents rush to a holiday vacation in:
a) Vermont b) London c) Paris d) New York

10. The 1982 Barry Levinson film "Diner" is set in which city?
a) New York b) Cleveland c) Baltimore d) Boston

11. Which of the following actors was NOT in "Diner?"
a) Kevin Bacon b) Ellen Barkin c) Matt Dillon d) Mickey Rourke

12. What happens to the character played by Tim Allen in "The Santa Clause?"
a) he gains weight b) grows a beard c) he gets fired d) all of the above

ANSWERS: 1. b) 2. c) 3. d) 4. a) 5. d) 6. c) 7. a) 8. b) 9. c) 10. c) 11. c) 12. d)

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