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Free Baby Shower Party Games & Activities

Free Baby Shower Game:
Surprise Prize

Baby Shower Games

Printable Baby Shower Party GamesWho will be the one to get the surprise prize. This is a fun game to play and includes a surprise prize for the mother to be. It's very unique and guests will love the suspense, wondering who will get the prize. Make sure you don't tell anyone who the gift is actually for, but let everyone think that anyone can unwrap the gift and win. Follow the instructions so that the gift ends up in the right hands. Also, make sure that the mother-to-be is sitting the closest to the front door (see #2). Give the present to the mother-to-be and have her unwrap the first layer, she will never guess the gift is actually for her. Make sure to have your camera ready as she will be overwhelmed with joy to know that she will be the one who is receiving the prize on this day.

The surprise prize will need to be wrapped in a special way. Follow the instructions below to create your surprise prize.

1. Wrap the gift and attach this verse on top of the gift: "We can not defer any longer the rightful one must know for her this gift was intended the mother to be (name), to her it must go."

2. Wrap again and attach this verse: "Another wrapping must come off, there can not be many more. Give it now to her that sits closest to the front door."

3. Wrap again and attach this verse: "The one who has the longest shoe on this gay occasion should have the gift passed on to her by way of consolation."

4. Wrap again and attach this verse: "Since this is not for you or her with the bluest eyes, perhaps the one with the broadest grin should carry off the prize."

5. Wrap again and attach this verse: "We are sorry to disappoint and must apologize, please give this gift without delay to her with the bluest eyes."

6. Wrap again - there is no verse for this one because it will be the final (outside) layer. The mother-to-be will be stunned and delighted when she is the one who wins the prize. She begins the game by unwrapping one of many layers of wrapping paper on a gift. There is a clue under each layer as everyone gets a turn. The last clue indicates that the mother-to-be gets the prize.

Printable Baby Shower Party Games

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Free Baby Shower Party Games
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