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Texas Holdem Fun
Printable Party Game

Printable Party Game
Texas Trivia

Texas holdem is one of the easiest forms of poker to learn to play. Learning to master Texas hold'em poker is another matter entirely, but that challenge is part of what makes Texas hold'em so appealing. The first thing you need to know to play Texas hold'em is the play of the hand, that is, how each hand plays out.

Playing Texas Hold'em: The Blinds
All poker games need a way to "seed" the pot, that is to say, to get money into the pot right away so that the players have something to compete for when they are playing. If Texas Holdem rules didn't allow money in the pot to begin with, players would just continually fold until they had nearly unbeatable hands and the game wouldn't be much fun. In some games, all players put in an ante, or predetermined amount, before the cards are dealt. In cash Texas hold'em games, there are no antes, and the action is driven by two blind bets. The small blind puts in half the standard bet for the game, and the player to his left, the big blind, puts in a full bet. Subsequent players must match this blind bet or raise to continue playing. When it gets back to the blinds, they may call or raise as well.

Play with fun themed Texas Hold'em party plates and decorations.

Playing Texas Hold'em: The Order of Play
In the first round, the player to the left of the big blind acts first, and may either fold, call the big blind or raise. Play then proceeds clockwise around the table with each player having the same options. Once the last player or "button" has acted, the small blind may fold, complete their bet (or call any raises) or raise. The big blind may then check (or call if there has been a raise) or raise. If the big blind raises, he is said to be exercising his "option."

After the flop, the first player to the left of the dealer who is still in the hand acts first and may check or bet. Play again proceeds clockwise and each player may check or bet if there has not yet been a bet; they may also fold, call or raise if there has been a bet. A player can technically fold even if there has been no bet, but there is no reason to do so and it is considered an amateurish move. This order continues on the turn and river and the players remaining after the river show down their hands, starting with the player whose last bet was called. For the next hand, everyone's position shifts one to the right, so the big blind becomes the small blind and the small blind becomes the button.

Playing Texas Hold'em: The Betting
In a fixed limit hold'em game, there are usually two betting limits, with the second twice as large as the first, for example $3/$6 or $8/$16. This means that pre-flop and on the flop, players can bet and raise in increments of the smaller amount, and on the turn and river, they can bet in increments of the larger amount. Players must bet in exactly these increments, no more or less. In a no-limit game, players can bet whatever amounts they want, with the minimum bet being the size of the big blind and the minimum raise being the size of the bet you are rising (for example if someone bets $5 you must raise to at least $10) and the maximum bet being whatever you have in front of you. In a pot-limit game, the minimum bet is the size of the big blind, and the maximum is the size of the pot after you have called whatever the bet is to you at the time.

Texas Hold'em, like most other card games, is a betting game. About taking as much of you opponents chips as possible. With that said, it should not only be about the money but also about having fun. If you want to try playing Texas Hold�em you don't have to go to a casino and spend money. There are many good and entertaining free texas holdem sites where you can play with no risk of losing money.

Keep a few printable game activities in the car that can also be used in a restaurant to occupy the kids.

For party games, the best ones are the games that do not eliminate people. Eliminating people outcasts them. For a party, try to use group games. If a group is eliminated it isn't as harsh as a person at a time.

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