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Game Developer Careers

Game Developer Careers

Game developer careers consist of a broad range of specified areas. Depending on what aspect of a gaming career you fit in, there are a number of options you can choose from and different paths you can take. Among all game developer careers, however, is a common thread in education. This thread is a college degree.

Specific Areas For Game Developer Careers

Designers: These are the people who actual put structure to the game. The designer has the concept, lays out the rules and is also called an �inventor� because they use their minds to manifest the game.

Programmers: A game programming career is when the person uses code from many different languages to make the designers concept come to life. Programmers can code in many different languages, transfer games into languages into the companies desired languages and more. They create, test and debug problems with the game in order to make it work.

Developer: A developer is the collective entity that oversees the different parts of the game development process. There are three main sections.

 Third Party: This is when a publishing company contracts a smaller company or group to programs the game. They are working from a contract and not as an employee to the publishing company. Third party developers tend to be short lived because they rely on the work from other sources that might not come through.

In House: In house developers are employees of a company. They are constant workers and develop many games for the publishing company over time. 

Independent: This is when one developer or a group of developers independently programs and markets their games. This is usually small in scale and relies heavily on the internet and the spread from one person to another. Budgets are generally small compared to large publishing companies.

Audio: Provides the music, sounds effects and works closely with timing in video games.

Business and Marketing: If you do not program or any of the about but still love games and know how to make them appealing to others, you can get into the business and marketing aspect of a gaming career.

Main Companies
There are a few main companies that are consistently producing hits in the game world. Long successful careers have been achieved through these companies for many years.

  • Sony

  • Electronic Arts

  • Activision

The general atmosphere in these companies is often laid back with a lax dress code and general demeanor. This is due to the nature of the job.

Depending on what area you will be going in, you will need a solid grasp in programming, visual design and more. The biggest deciding factor is not the type of degree in which you hold but rather that you have a degree. It shows follow through and dedication.

There are, however, some dedicated gaming schools available. This is usually a great option for those students who can dedicate 40 hours a week and like to work in groups. They are typically significantly more expensive than a traditional college or university. Some of these Colleges are listed below:

  • Academy of Art University (CA)

  • Las Angeles Film School (CA)

  • International Academy of Design and Technology (IL, FL, MI, NV)

  • 3D Training Institute (NY)

Game developer careers can either be hands on or geared to the market. They are best designed for people who can manage their time well and are dedicated to their field.

Keep a few printable game activities in the car that can also be used in a restaurant to occupy the kids.

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