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What Is Poker Rakeback

What Is Poker Rakeback? Online poker sites use the rake as a means of charging admission. The rake is a percentage that is taken from the pot and kept by the house. Rake rates vary between sites, but typically stay between five and ten percent and add up to a couple of dollars a hand. In the effort to solicit business, online poker sites do not offer free buffets or complimentary tickets to dance shows. They offer sign up bonuses and rakeback.

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Collecting the Rakeback Poker sites that offer rakeback deals offer you a regular return on your rake payments. The rakeback is a stated percentage of the rake that the site refunds to players at the end of each month. Essentially, a portion of every hand that you play goes to the poker site, and if you sign up for rakeback, you’ll get some of that money back from every hand that you play. There are two prevalent types of rakeback calculation, so you should decide which one is best for you before signing up with a new online poker site. 

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Dealt Rakeback or Contributed Rakeback? You will have to choose between dealt rakeback and contributed rakeback, and while both put money back into your account, your style of play can determine which rakeback option is most rewarding for you. Loose players who play a lot of hands get a more substantial return from contributed rakeback. Contributed rakeback credits your account according to how much you supply to the rake in each pot. So if you choose to play your hand more often than not, your rakeback will be greater than if you were using a dealt rakeback method. Tight players who scrutinize the hands they choose to play, benefit more from the dealt rakeback method. The dealt rakeback method evenly distributes credit for the rake, regardless of the contrast between players' contributions to the pot.

The Rakeback Gravy Train If you have already created an account with a site that offered a sign up bonus, you will have to switch to a different site to start getting rakeback. This move is well worth the effort because just switching to a rakeback site improves your win rate immediately. Win rates are calculated with the rake included, so the extra 30 percent return on rakeback beefs up your win rate by 30 percent. For example, if you play $100 a month in rake, you will get a return of $30 a month in rakeback. It is that simple to up your game and boost your bankroll. Common rakeback FAQ questions and the best deals available are regularly discussed on poker forums and blogs online. Take a minute to figure out which deal is the best for you, and remember that once you signed up to a site, you will not be offered a new deal.

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