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Free Party Games

Party Games for Kids and Adults for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Holidays

Free Party Games

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This collection of free party games are great for everyone from birthdays to theme parties.

This is a fun list of Party games.

Party Game: Pushing Ball with Banana

Five (5) guys will have a long banana each tied to their waist, which will then be dangling. The contestant will then take part in a race whereby they will attempt to hit a ping-pong ball with the banana - hands-free to a set finishing line. The first to the line is the winner.

Party Game: Funny Adjectives Game

This game is a great icebreaker.  Ask the guests for 10 adjectives and then fill in the blanks! It can be easily tailored to suit your own business or occasion!

I represent the ___________ company in the world.  We sell the _____________________ products.  I am pleased to be in this __________________ home today.  We must admit we have a ________________hostess.  Of all of the groups I have ever held a presentation for you are by far the _____________________.  And once again I want to thank our______________ hostess for inviting me into her home this evening. I am sure by the end of the evening you will agree I am the ______________sales person you have ever met.  I do hope that you have such a good time you will invite me into your ______________ home, so that you can receive some of our ____________ clothing free. Now I will continue with our presentation because afterwards our hostess will be serving some ___________ refreshments.

Party Game: Can You Guess

Put several small items into a brown paper bag. Blindfold one person and hand them one of the items in the bag.  Give them a few seconds to guess what the item is.  If they are unsuccessful they are out. The last one wins. 

Party Game: Stuck in the Mud

One person is 'IT' and has to run round touching as many people as they can.   When they have touched someone, that person has to stop and stand with their legs apart and their hands out stretched, until someone crawls through their legs.  If you've been caught three times, then you are out.  The game ends when everyone left is standing still.

Party Game: Ducky Ducky

Everyone sits in a circle except one who is given a pillow and blind-fold.  They then go and place the pillow on a persons lap, sit on it and say ducky ducky.  The person should say "quack quack" this can be done only 3 times.  If the blind person guesses the name the person, they should now be given the blind fold and the game run over again - after everyone has changed their places.

Treasure hunts are always top on the party games list. The great thing about a treasure hunt is that it can be coordinated with virtually any theme. Divide children up into groups and place clues about the hunting area. The group that follows the clues best first wins.

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Keep a few printable game activities in the car that can also be used in a restaurant to occupy the kids.

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