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Printable Mardi Gras Games

Mardi Gras Games double pack: Trivia and Masquerade
Mardi Gras Games double pack: Trivia and Masquerade
New Orleans Mardi Gras Party Game: printable trivia
Printable New Orleans Mardi Gras Trivia Party Game
Printable Mardi Gras Games
Mardi Gras Party Games: Masquerade
Mardi Gras free printable party games are super fun for children of all ages. Mardi Gras is one of the most festive parties and what better way to celebrate such a special time of the year than by throwing a incredible Mardi Gras party.

Children may not be able to partake in some of the more adult party festivities but that does not mean they cannot have some fun on their own. Printable Mardi Gras games crossword puzzles, word searches, and word scramble games. Each party games is related to the Mardi Gras theme with Mardi Gras word and designs.

Printable Mari Gras games can be of the homemade variety as well. Create fun Mardi Gras party games that contain Mardi Gras words such as masks, boas, beads, kings, queens, bands, music, carnival, purple, green, yellow, 1718 (year New Orleans was established), Krewes, fat Tuesday etc. These words can be implemented in word search, scramble, and crossword puzzles.

Younger party guests may love a fun game of B.I.N.G.O. but in the spirit of Mardi Gras change the name to K.R.E.W.E. Krewe is an organization that puts on a parade and or a ball for the Carnival season. But associated most commonly with New Orleans Mardi Gras. Use Mardi Gras symbols such as beads, masks, boas, crowns, Jester hats, and other Mardi Gras related items. These B.I.N.G.O. cards can easily be made by using a grid and placing the items inside each square. Give each child a card and let each child an opportunity to win fun Mardi Gras prizes.

Printable Mardi Gras games are super easy to make and print out and make for great entertainment. Keep the party lively with fun party games for children and adults and a memorable Mardi Gras will be created.

Keep a few printable game activities in the car that can also be used in a restaurant to occupy the kids.

A party should have at least 6 games for children to play. Depending on how long the party lasts will depend on whether or not there are more games. A party should always include a sufficient amount of games in case one does not go as planned or the party hits a road block.

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