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Printable Hanukkah Party Games

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Printable Hanukkah Party Games

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated for eight days, commencing on the 25th day of the month of Kislev (November/December), to commemorate the victory of the Jews over the Hellenist Syrians in 165 BCE.

This page has Hanukah party games.  See Hanukah party games below or go to another page of Hanukkah games on the right. Or, select another category of party games in the left navigation bar or pick another holiday.  More Hanukkah Games

Spin the Dreidel
The most popular game during Hanukah is a game of chance � the spinning of the Dreidel. Each Hebrew letter on the four-sided top/Dreidel stands for a game action:

  • N (nun) = Get nothing from the kitty.
  • G (gimel) = Get everything from the kitty.
  • H (he) = Get half of the kitty.
  • S (shin) = Put half the money in the kitty.

If you don't have a dreidel already, you can purchase one at a party goods supply or toy store (they're also fun to make.) Have your guests bring pennies, gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins, or candies to put in the kitty, or distribute these items yourself during game time. Have everyone place a penny or candy into the kitty and then take turns spinning the Dreidel to determine who wins and who loses. At the end of the game, have everyone count their winnings, and use the pennies and candies to purchase small, wrapped gifts that you've prepared ahead of time.

Hanukkah Anagrams
In a given amount of time, see which player can come up with the most words formed from the letters in "Chanukah". Use pencils and paper; no letter may be used more times than it appears in "Chanukah". This game may be played with other Chanukah words as well.

Unscramble the Chanukah Words
Give players ten minutes to see how many of the following words they can unscramble: HNIHAUKAC, TAIATASHMT, NAMOHMEANS, LANDSEC, CEBMASCEA, UHJAD, EDDELRY, KELSTA, SUCHOINAT, YNASIRS

Pin the Shamah or Shield
Cut out construction paper figures of a Chanukiah a Maccabee, a Shamash and a Shield. Blindfold one child at a time and have him try to pin the Shamash on the Chanukiah or the shield on the Maccabee.

For party supplies for a Hanukkah celebration, check out the Party Supplies Hut for the latest patterns and styles.  For personalized party favors which make a great party game winner gift, check out Personalized Party Favors!

Hanukkah Party Games
Free Hanukkah Party Games:
Spin the Dreidel
Hanukkah Anagrams
Hanukkah Word Scramble
Pin the Shamah or Shield
Hide the Chocolate Gelt
Make Your Own Dreidel
Hanukkah Balloon Race
Balloon Snatchers
A to Z Groceries
Battle of the Balloons
Hanukkah Gelt Coin Drop
Gold Coin Pass
Kitty Kitty
Who Has the Hanukkah Coin Gelt
Hanukkah Mystery Bag
Flying Donuts
Dizzy Dizzy Broomstick
Barber Shop Balloons
Noodle Madness
Hanukkah Apple Fun Activity
Hanukkah Egg Games
Hanukkah Blow Pipe Shooting Game
Whose Hanukkah Balloon Is Bigger
Hanukkah On The Marsh
Collecting Hanukkah Gelt
Hanukkah Relay Races
A Sew And Sew Hanukkah Game
The Hanukkah Baby Face Game
Hanukkahs Math Dreidel Hunt
The Hanukkah Duck Walk Race
Hanukkah Fishing Game
The Hanukkah Marshmellow Walk
Hanukkah Toe Game
Hanukkah Board And Stick Game
Choose A Hanukkah Partner
Hanukkah Dance Game
Hanukkah Present Wrapping Game
A Hanukkah Water Game
Pass The Hanukkah Hat

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