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Free Dancing Party Games

Party Games Etc. has dancing party games, birthday party games, baby shower games, bridal shower games, and holidays games!

Have a fun time with these party games!  For party supplies check out the Party Supplies Hut!  More Halloween Party Games

Lots of fun dancing party games, scroll throw this list for instructions.

The instructor holds a bundle of many-colored ribbons by its middle. The ladies come to one end of the bundle, the gentlemen to the other. Each of them takes an end of the ribbon. The instructor lets the bundle go. All the partners are now connected by the ribbons. They are the pairs for a dance.

Five (5) couples, paired at random, be invited to perform 3 types of dances. The Emcee with help from a professional dancer will first give a quick demonstration of these dances. The winner shall be judged based on the loudest applause from the audience, after which they will be asked to perform a repeat of the winning dance. Best Dance Award to be given to the winner and consolation prizes to the rest.

At the party some girls secretly fill in the questionnaires on index cards. In these questionnaires the girls indicate their distinctive marks: height, color of the eyes, dress cut, jewelries. The leader puts all the cards into the box. Between the dances, the leader asks the most attentive boys to act as Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot - to find a girl with help of the description given in the card. The boys take the cards and begin to search for the girls. The boy who finds the girl the first is the winner. Then the boys have a dance with the girls they have found.

As the players (boys and girls) enter the hall, they are given dominoes cut out of cardboard. They pin it to their clothes. There are 2 complete sets of these cards (28 pieces in each set). The cards of one set are given to the girls, the cards of the other set are given to the boys. If there are more than 56 persons at the party you may take 2,4, 6, 8�more numbers of the complete sets. Before the dance begins the players at the leader's signal make pairs according to the principle of dominoes. C.f. the boy with the card 5-2 may ask to a dance a girl with the card 2-6; 2-4; 2-3; 2-0 or 5-6; 5-4; 5-3; 5-1; 5-0. Sometimes the leader may announce the change of the partners. (In this case the leader gives advance notice to the guests about his/her intentions while they are dancing). Then all the pairs change, make the pairs according to the same principle.

It's a variant of the well-know children game "Day-Night" for grownups. As the music suddenly stops the people who are dancing stand still in the pose they are. The person who cannot keep his/her balance must pay a forfeit (fulfill the leader's task).

All the players are dancing in pairs. The leader is in the center. He/she holds a stick in his/her hands. The leader throws the stick and all the dancers change their partners. The leader tries to take up somebody's place. The player who has no pair is a leader. He/she takes the stick and does the same as the previous leader.

Gentlemen ask ladies to a dance. 2-3 gentlemen are given special cards with the phrase "Excuse me!" written on them. With this card the gentleman may come to any of the pairs, give it to the gentleman and begin to dance with his lady.

Cards with different pictures are cut into 4-5 parts. The teams must find their own people. Or cut the cards into 2-3 parts. One part is given to the girl, 2 other parts are given to the boys. The boy who finds the girl first asks her for a dance.

Ladies ask gentlemen to a dance. The master of ceremonies announces that during the dance ladies may ask the gentlemen, who are dancing with their ladies, to a dance. On coming to a dancing pair, the ladies clap their hands. On having received this signal, the gentleman begins to dance with this lady. While his lady asks any other gentleman to a dance in the same way.

The participants get into 2 circles. The circles are moving clockwise. The instructor asks: "Have the players next to you shoulders?". The players answer: "They Have!". The instructor asks the players to put their hands on the shoulders of the players next to them and to continue moving. The questions of the leader: "Have the players next to you noses?", "Have the players next to you ears?", "Have the players next to you waists?", "Have the players next to you knees?", "heels" etc.

The boy or the girl is blindfolded and led to the center of the room (hall). He/she is a leader. Any player takes a little bell and pass by him/her with it. The leader's task is to choose a partner for dance at random. If the leader (girl) chooses a girl, the latter becomes the leader. If the leader (girl) chooses a boy, they both make a pair for a dance. The fillet is given to the other person, chosen with the help of the reckoning. This game continues until there are 10-12 pairs. After that the master of ceremonies announces the pair dance.

One of the participants is given a hat. As everyone is dancing, this participant puts the hat on a gentleman's head who is dancing and says,  "people don't dance with the hat on" and begins to dance with the partner of this gentleman. The gentleman with the hat moves to any other pair and put the hat on the gentleman's head so that he now dances with a new partner and that gentlemen must find a new partner etc.

At big parties and discos, in large halls it's very interesting to have "a postman". The guests ask him/her: "Give a note (a letter) to the girl in white dress". This girl writes her name on the sheet of paper and gives in to "the postman". All the guests communicate with the help of "the postman" until all of them learn each other. This game may continue for several days in camps, sanatoriums etc.

This game will help you "to warm-up" shy people. As the music plays, one pair begins to dance. At the instructor's signal this pair splits up and asks  2 more partners to dance.  Again, at the next instructor's signal these 2 pairs break and ask to 4 more partners to dance etc. The number of dancing pairs grows like a snow-slip.

As each player enters the hall he/she is given a calendar's page. The girls receive even, the boys - odd numbers. During the party the possessors of the pages are suggested different tasks:
1. To gather according to the months.
2. To gather according to the days of the weeks.
3. To make up the number 1998.
4. To make up teams of Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays etc.
5. To find the yesterday (for example "the 25th of December" looks for "the 24th of December" etc.)
6. To choose the pair. The last game is played while dancing. Before every new dance the leader announces any number from 35 to 55. The players must form the pairs so that the sum of their numbers is equal to the announced number. For example the leader announced number 37. So, the pair may consist of the players with the numbers 30 and 7, or 18 and 19 on their pages. In all the tasks win the players who are the first to do them.

Keep a few printable game activities in the car that can also be used in a restaurant to occupy the kids.

For party games, the best ones are the games that do not eliminate people. Eliminating people outcasts them. For a party, try to use group games. If a group is eliminated it isn�t as harsh as a person at a time.

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