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Cool Movie Trivia

Cool Movie Trivia Gather friends and family for classic movie night and view some of the greatest movies of all-time. Before the movie begins, test the party guests knowledge by asking interesting and cool trivia questions about the movie. Also, why not give the party guest with the most correct responses a party favor of the movie such as a poster, mug, tee-shirt or other fun item. Each movie offer one question to the party guests and have each write down their answer. To make the game more challenging, keep the classic movie a secret so party guests do not research potential movie trivia questions to be asked on the selected movie.

Wizard of Oz
What did the filmmakers use to change the color of the horse of a different color? Answer: Jell-O The filmmakers used a white horse and sponged it down with different colors of Jell-O. The horse constantly tried to lick the Jell-O off.

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Gone With The Wind
The name of Scarlett was consider to be a different name before it was changed to from what name to Scarlett? Answer: Pansy O'Hara
Author Margaret Mitchell wrote the character to be called Pansy but the book publisher thought it would not work, so Scarlett it became.

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane did not do well and was disliked by many movie goers upon its release in May of 1941. What movie was it re-released and double billed with in January of 1942 to recoup some of the movies losses? Answer: The Little Foxes starring Bette Davis

It's A Wonderful Life
During the production of It's A Wonderful Life, a new way to create snowflakes was made by using foamite (a fire-fighting chemical) and soap and water. This mixture was then pumped at high pressure through a wind machine to create the silent, falling snow. What was used previously to create snow? Answer: cornflakes painted white

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Keep a few printable game activities in the car that can also be used in a restaurant to occupy the kids.

A party should have at least 6 games for children to play. Depending on how long the party lasts will depend on whether or not there are more games. A party should always include a sufficient amount of games in case one does not go as planned or the party hits a road block.

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