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Free Bridal Shower Party Games & Activities

Free Bridal Shower Party Games Printable Shower Games

Free Bridal Shower Games

We have the largest free bridal shower party games collection.  Have a fun time at the shower! 

Bridal Shower Trivia: History of Wedding Favors

Below are a bunch of fun free bridal shower party games. Plus a ton more are listed on the right navigation.

Bridal Shower Game Advice for the Bride
Cut construction paper into small heart shapes and attach pipe cleaner. Hand all of the guests one with a pen and ask them to write "advice for the bride" example, "never go to bed together mad".  Place completed hearts in a vase and ask the bride to read them out loud. This is a great keepsake for the bride.

Bridal Shower Game Party Pinata
This is for a bridal shower/bachelorette party. The person planning the party buys an empty pi�ata, or makes one, and fills it with dirty little favors, instead of kiddies candy, such as condoms, Hershey kisses, lollipops (lil' suckers), a lace garter (for bride), and other kinky toys and items. When the bride hits the pi�ata and breaks it, out pops out these dirty little surprises that will make a memory of a lifetime!

Bridal Shower Game Peculiar Game
This is a rather peculiar game
It really does not have a name
It's simple to play as a game should be
You just do as you're told, you see
So now if you'll please give me your attention
We'll put an end to this suspension
In the end, whoever scores the most
Will receive a prize of which to boast
Now since you're all fashionable girls
Give yourself 5 if you have any pearls
You may add 3 if your toes peek out
And earrings will give you 2 more to shout
Score yourself 5 if you show any red
Add 6 more for a curl on your head
Now before you think you are going to win
Take away 2 for each safety pin
Give yourself 6 if your pants are tight
Add 1 for a scarf which is just about right
Add 5 more if your shoes are black
And take away 3 for a zipper in back
Now count all your buttons, for each you get 2
And take away 1 for each button that's blue
Give yourself 5 if your heels are high
And why not take 10 for the green in your eye
10 more points for a rose on your clothes
Take away 5 if you forgot to wear hose
If your husband you kissed today - add 9
If you didn't subtract 12 - you're subject to fine
This is the end...there isn't anymore
Who is the lucky lady with the highest score?

Bridal Shower Game Scrambled Words
Make a list of several words associated with weddings (i.e. marriage, husband, wife, bridesmaid, groom, bride, honeymoon) and then scramble them. Give the guests 2-3 minutes to try to figure them out. The guest that figures out the most correctly win the prize.

Bridal Shower Game Who Knows the Bride Best
This is similar to the Trivia game.  Only the Bride to be fills out an info sheet on herself (favorite food, restaurant, pet, place she wants to live ..etc.) she should have about 20 things. For example: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? What is your favorite place to eat lunch? Give the same questions to each guest and have them fill out what THEY think her answers would be. -----Got the idea?

Bridal Shower Game I NEVER
The first person starts out with a true statement (I never kissed before) and anyone that has done whatever the person says has to throw in (pennies, candies, or you have the people eat candies starting out with 10 or whatever you decide to use).

The person with the most items left wins. It's a funny game! 

Bridal Shower Game Purse Power
This is a great game! Have all the guests have their purses in front of them for this game. Make a list (beforehand) of common and uncommon things that can be found in a woman's purse. Assign each item a point value. (hairbrush might be worth 2 points, lipstick 3 points/5 if it is red, mirror...etc.) Uncommon items should have a higher point value (lotion, staple get the idea!) Liven things up a bit and put down a condom and value that at 20 points! The list is endless and is great fun! Keep the items simple and not too uncommon or you may wind up with an unhappy guest who doesn't have anything but a wallet in her purse!!  VARIATION to this game might be: Have the BRIDE to be hold the "master" and let her decide what "item" should be found and the first person to present that item receives the points for that round. You will need a score keeper or let them keep their own.

Bridal Shower Game Collage
Separate the guests into several teams. Have an assortment of magazines (usually 3-5 per group), glue, scissors and an 11x14 piece of construction paper, for each team. Give each team a list of WORDS and or PICTURES (usually about 15 items of either or combination of both) of things that they need to find in their magazines that they need to glue to the paper. First team finished wins! Now what do you do with the collages?? Give them to the Bride to be of course! So when making up your "items" put a little fun in them like...."A man in jeans Butt" the word "Penis" the "Name of the Bride to be" (that one can be tough to find so they can cut out some letters for that one...that should be the HEADER of the paper) or perhaps you want to find words that describe the bride to be. The suggestions are endless!

Bridal Shower Game The Bell Game
Each guest that comes to the shower gets a small liberty bell on a ribbon necklace. They wear the necklace until taken away by another guest. You lose your necklace by saying the bride or grooms names. You may only refer to them as the "bride" or the "groom".  The guest with the most bell necklaces wins.

Bridal Shower Game Bridal Dress
Before the shower, purchase several rolls of white toilet paper. At the party, divide the guests into two or more groups of 3-5 people. Each group must choose a model for their wedding dress (mothers of the bride and/or groom work wonderfully). The goal is for each group to design and fashion a "wedding dress" out of toilet paper. Accessories are allowed (earrings, bouquets, trains, headpieces, wedding ring, etc.), but they must all be fashioned out of toilet paper. Once the groups are finished, the bride must pick the winner of the contest. This is my favorite bridal shower activity. And brides love this contest for the wonderful photo-memories it provides.

Bridal Shower Game Design the Bride's Dress
In groups of four, one person is the model and the other three are the designers. They design a dress that they think the bride would like.  When everyone is done, the bride picks the one she likes best and that group is the winner.  Depending on how many people are at the shower, you can show them to the bride in a fashion show style.

Bridal Shower Game The Wedding is Over
Tell the guests and bride to pretend the wedding is over and it is the wedding night. The motel/cruise boat/etc. that the couple is staying in loses all electricity and the bride must prepare for her wedding night in complete darkness. Next blindfold the bride and hand her a suitcase. He must put on everything in the suitcase. Put items in it such as sunglasses, men's underwear, big bra, work gloves, or anything else that may bring a laugh. (She puts all this on over her clothes!) When she is done take a picture's hilarious!

Bridal Shower Game Famous TV Couples
Write down the last names of at least 20 famous TV couples, and your friends and family have to put in the first names. give only about 5 minutes to guess the names. then read the first names and the TV show that thy were from. it's a fun game to play, who ever gets the most wins the game.

Bridal Shower Game Touchy-Feely
You can use paper or cloth bags, so that the guests are able to feel the item. Find about 10-15 common items around the house (i.e. remote control, video tape, pen, tooth brush, etc.) and place the items in each bag. Pass the items around for the guests to feel. They're allowed to 15-30 seconds to hold the bag, then they must pass to the next guest. They should have a pen and paper to write down their guesses. The guest with the most correct answers wins. 

Bridal Shower Game The Apron Game
Buy an apron and have the bridal party buy lots of utensils to pin on the apron. Make them practical and a couple of things they would never think of buying until they need them. Pin all of the items on the apron. Have the bride wear the apron in front of all of the guests. Have her walk around the room for about 2 minutes. Then have the bride go into another room and have the guests try to list as many things as they can remember seeing pinned to the brides apron. The person with the most wins! Then tell the bride she gets to keep the apron!!

Bridal Shower Game Match Them
Cut out pictures from the local paper of couples celebrating their 50th (etc.) anniversaries. Usually along side the picture is their wedding picture. Mix them up and have the guests guess then and now.

Bridal Shower Game Musical Bouquet
Take a bridal bouquet along with a music (love song collection). As long as the music is playing, the party guests should pass the bouquet around until the music stops. The person with the bouquet when music stops should have a seat. The last person standing is the winner. 

Bridal Shower Game Pass the Corsage
Each guest that comes to the shower gets a corsage. They should wear the corsage until taken away by another guest. You lose you corsage by saying "bride" or "groom".  The guest with the most corsages wins.

Free Bridal Shower Games!

Printable Bridal Shower Party Games

Free Bridal Shower Party Games
Bachelorette Games
Printable Bridal Games
Free Bridal Shower Games:

Advice for the Bride
Peculiar Game
Scrambled Words
Who Knows the Bride Best
I Never . . .
Purse Power
Party Pinata
The Bell Game
Bridal Dress
Design the Brides Dress
Exchanging Gifts
Skirt Tails
The Wedding is Over
Famous TV Couples
The Apron Game
Match Them
Musical Bouquet
Pass the Corsage
Balloon Pop
Creating the Veil
Make up the bride
Secret Word
Kitchen Utensils
Smell the Herbs
Honeymoon Adventure
Can You Blow
Cotton Balls
Bridal Pictionary
Name That Bride
Catchy Slogans
How Well Do You Know the Bride?
Caught In the Middle
Date Game
Memories of the Bride
Create the Future
Recipe for Marriage
Where is My Underwear
Complete Set of New Plates
Bizarre Wedding Advise
Build a Groom
Vowels Using Songs
Truth In M&Ms
Story Telling
Hanger of Wisdom
On Their Wedding Night
What Year?
Mouse Trap Game
Scavenger Hunt
Hot Dog in a Bottle
Suck for a Buck
Unbelievable Teddy
Lemon Wrecking Balls
Pickle Eater
Can I get your autograph?
Hula Race
Find His Legs
Candy Bar Poems
Gingerbread Design

Printable Bridal Shower Party GamesNo time to set up the bridal shower party games?  Then try using the printable games and activities. Instantly print the games.

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