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Free Baby Shower Party Games & Activities

Free Baby Shower Party Games Printable Shower Games

Free Baby Shower Games & Ideas

ABC's Baby Shower Game
Write down each letter of the alphabet on an index card and everyone has to name something that has to do with a baby, or baby item the person who gets them right gets to collect the cards at the end of the game.  Whoever has the most cards wins a prize.

Full Section of Printable Baby Shower Games

A Face only Mama could love Baby Shower Game
Each guest is asked to bring a baby picture of themselves. Upon arrival, the hostess takes the baby picture and arranges the picture onto a poster board. Under each picture, she assigns a number. Each guest gets a piece of paper and is told to match the adult guest name with the corresponding baby picture. example: Aunt Sue is baby number 3....etc. Each guest puts down all of their guesses and the guest with the most correct matches wins! This is a good ice breaker game. Don't forget to ask for the picture when you mail out the invitation!

Animal  Baby Shower Game
Here is a list of proper names of baby animals and the mom:

Alligator ~ hatchling
Bear ~ cub
Beaver ~ kitten
Cow ~ calf
Deer ~ fawn
Dog ~ puppy
Donkey ~ foal
Duck ~ duckling
Eagle ~ eaglet
Eel ~ elver
Elephant ~ calf 
Fish ~ fry
Frog ~ tadpole, polliwog
Giraffe ~ calf
Goat ~ kid
Horse ~ colt
Hummingbird ~ chick
Kangaroo ~ joey
Lion ~ cub
Llama ~ cria
Monkey ~ infant
Owl ~ owlet
Sheep ~ lamb
Skunk ~ kit
Spider ~ spiderlet
Swan ~ cygnet

Hand out the list with just the baby name.  Then, have the guests name the mom.  Whoever has the most correct names wins! (Thanks Aline for the list!) 

Baby's First Portrait Baby Shower Game
Each guest receives a paper plate and a crayon. Placing the plate atop their heads, each guest must draw a "baby". When all guests are done, vote for the best picture. 

Baby Bag Mystery Baby Shower Game
Take about five baby items and place in a paper bag. Staple the bags shut and number them.  Pass out paper and pencil to the guests. Then pass the bags around and have them right down their answers.  After all have finished the one who gets the most right wins.  Get some easy items like diaper pins, pacifiers, rattles, and a few harder items like bow holders for the babies shoes; a fingernail clippers. 

Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game
Take a piece of paper and divide it into 9 sections with the one in the middle marked BABY (for the free square) Before the Mother to be begins to open her presents, everyone must write in each square exactly what she thinks she will be receiving from any of her gifts. (they must be specific). As Mom to be opens her gifts, guest X the box they have correctly guessed the article, etc. The first person that fills her card wins a prize.  The first one with "Baby Bingo" wins. 

Baby Birthday Card Baby Shower Game
Pass out blank cards to each guest, with the envelopes numbered 1 to the number of guests (say 16). Each guest can write a birthday card to the baby for that year of his/her life. (i.e.. for 16 "you're learning to drive this year!") It's a great gift for the baby, especially if older relatives are present who can then be remembered years later.

Baby Business Baby Shower Game
Buy 10 baby objects that aren't easily identified, such as a nose syringe, a temperature strip, a breast pump, a teething ring, and so on. Distribute paper and pencil and ask players to try guess what each object does. The player with the most correct answers is the winner. Present a basket of the objects to the Mom-to-be.

Baby Food Baby Shower Game
The objective is to guess contents of baby food jars by sight.  Take about ten different flavors of baby food and number the bottom of each bottle. Be sure to write down which baby food goes with each number. 

Pass the jars of baby food with the labels removed to each guest. The guest write down what flavor they think is in each jar. The guest with the most correct answers wins. The mother to be gets to keep the unopened jars of baby food. Use personalized pens and give them out as party favors at the end of the shower.

Baby Food Taste Test Baby Shower Game
Buy eight jars of baby food - cereal, fruit, veggies, and meat. Cover the jars with foil and write a number on the side of each jar. Pass out plastic spoons, paper plates, and paper and pencil for each player. Ask players to write the numbers 1 through 8 around the outside of the plate. Pass around each jar of baby food and have players drop a spoonful next to each number. They must taste the globs and try to identify each flavor. Remove the foil to reveal the answers. Whoever has the most correct answers wins a prize. You'll get some funny faces during the tasting so keep the camera handy!

Baby Guessing Game Baby Shower Game
A volunteer will have a card with a baby items name printed and taped to his or her back. Each guest is arranged around the room in a circle and the volunteer will walk around the circle and take hints from the other guests. He/She only gets two tries for the correct answer. If the volunteer guesses correctly they win a prize. 

Free Baby Shower Games!

Printable Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games
No time to set up the baby shower party games?  Then try using the printable games and activities. Instantly print the games.

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Baby Shower Games

Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable Baby Shpwer Party Party GamesPrintable Baby Shpwer Party Party Games
Printable Baby Shpwer Party Party GamesPrintable Baby Shpwer Party Party Games

Free Baby Shower Party Games
Printable Baby Games
Free Baby Shower Games:

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Help Name the Baby
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Babys Name Game
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Baby Bag Mystery Game
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Babys First Portrait Shower Game
Baby Shower Game Draw The Baby
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Balloon Bust Shower Game
Bottoms up Baby Shower Game
Pin the Baby in the Mommy
Pin the Pacifier on the Baby Shower Game
Baby Diaper Sniffing at the Shower
Baby Shower Potato Game
Baby Shower Prize Balloons
Bubble Gum Babies Shower Game
Clay Babies Game
ABCs Baby Shower Game
The Children of TV Family Shows
Tray of Baby items with a Twist
Dress Mother to Be at the Baby Shower
Guess Babys Time of Birth
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Did you say BABY?
Empty That Bottle at the Baby Shower!
Guess the Baby Nursery Rhymes
Guess the Number of Baby Q-tips
The Perfect Baby - A Shower Game
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Its the Babies Statistics Game
A Shower Game of the Next Mom-To-Be
A Shower T-Shirt Designers Game
Baby Scatagories Shower Name Game
Baby Shower Game Mommys Body

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