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Funny Adjectives Game
Have You Ever...
Believe it or not Jeopardy!
In your pictures

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Free Party Games for Kids and Adults!

Five (5) guys will have a long banana each tied to their waist, which will then be dangling. The contestant will then take part in a race whereby they will attempt to hit a ping-pong ball with the banana - hands-free to a set finishing line. The first to the line is the winner. 

Funny Adjectives Game
This game is a great icebreaker. Ask the guests for 10 adjectives and then fill in the blanks! It can be easily tailored to suit your own business or occasion!

I represent please mum, the ___________company in the world. We sell the _____________________products. I am pleased to be in this__________________home today. We must admit we have a ________________hostess. Of all of the groups I have ever held a presentation for you are by far the _____________________. And once again I want to thank our______________hostess for inviting me into her home this evening. I am sure by the end of the evening you will agree I am the ______________sales person you have ever met. I do hope that you have such a good time you will invite me into your______________home, so that you can receive some of our ____________clothing free. Now I will continue with our
presentation because afterwards our hostess will be serving some___________refreshments.

On the table there are 5 eggs. The leader says that one of them is uncooked. But others are hard-boiled. The players must break the eggs against their foreheads. The player who gets an uncooked egg is considered to be the bravest. In fact all the eggs are hardboiled and the prize is given to the last player because he deliberately ran risks to become a laughing-stock.

Fun for Luau themed parties.  Five (5) contestants to participate drinking coconut water (milk) directly from the coconut, without straws. The fastest, and without or minimal spilling, wins a prize. As this is quite a mild contest, females are suggested as participants.  After this game play coconut bowling.

The leader suggests the player to sit on a stool and to cross his/her legs. The task is to take a small box with the teeth, not touching the floor with the hands and feet. The small box is placed upright at one of the hind legs of the stool. The players may turn on the stool as they like.

Have You Ever...
Guests receive one point for each answer, the one with the lowest score wins a prize. This game always makes everyone laugh.

1. Locked yourself out of the house?
2. Lost a member of the family while out shopping?
3. Put something unusual in the refrigerator?
4. Turned white colors pink (or another color) in the wash?
5. Gone away from your home and left the iron on?
6. Put your heel through the hem of a dress?
7. Had your zipper break in public?
8. Gone somewhere with two different shoes or socks on?
9. Remembered an appointment after it was too late?
10. Called a member of the family by another name?
11. Been ready to bathe and found no hot water?
12. Fallen up the stairs?
13. Gone shopping for groceries and discovered you did not bring any money with you?
14. Driven away from somewhere while a member of your party was still out of the car?
15. Dialed a phone number and forgot who you called?
16. Locked the keys in your car?
17. Got into the car to go somewhere and forgot where you were going?
18. Put something in the oven to bake and forgot about it?

I have a game where I tell a story about our books. The guests have a book that they pass around whenever I say "duck" and whoever has the book passes the book to the next person. When I am done with the story whoever has the book gets to keep it.

Ask the players to recollect and write down several lines of 6 of their favorite songs. After that give them a key to solution.
1. The first song - your feeling after the first kiss;
2. The second - your memory of the first night together;
3. The third - reminder of your honey moon;
4. The fourth - in a year after the marriage;
5. The fifth - Now when we are together I think about it.
6. The sixth - in 50 years of the life together.

LET'S INTRODUCE OURSELVES!  A Fun Ice Breaker Party Game
All the guests (many of them) get into 2 circles: the ladies are in the inner one, the gentlemen are in the outer one. The ladies and gentlemen are facing each other. The number of ladies is equal to the number of gentlemen. As the music plays both of the circles are moving in the opposite directions (the inner circle is moving clockwise, the outer one is moving counter-clockwise). In 20-25 seconds the music stops. The circles stop moving. There form the pairs. The ladies and the gentlemen introduce themselves to each other. The ladies introduce themselves the first. Then they let the gentlemen know of their 2 hobbies and of 2 things they don't like. Then the music plays again. The round dance moves to the next pause etc.

Four (4) guys to participate in coconut grinding, the traditional way. The fastest to grind the whole coconut wins.

ACQUAINTANCE A Fun Ice Breaker Party Game
All those who wish to learn the names of the new friends get into the circle. The players hold each other by the hands. The host(ess) names him/herself the first. Then all the players pronounce the names of the players who named themselves before and at the end say their own names. The last player names all the players in the circle one after another. As a rule the players learn the names of all the players during the game.

All the guests participate. Each table are requested to make a string, and the table with the longest string will win a prize. Any item could be used, and the only criteria would be the length of the string.

On the sheet of paper there printed the following text: "You're given a sheet of paper with the 15 notes, with the names of cereals, vegetables, fruit printed on them. Exchange your 14 notes (tear them off the sheet) for the notes of other players, so as to have a complete set of notes with the following names: wheat, rye, oats, barley, millet, flax, corn, potato, cabbage, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, cherries, apples, pears. The player who has the complete set of notes the first is given the prize. "On each sheet of paper there printed the same 15 names. One of the players is given, for example, the notes with the name of "flax", the other with the name of "corn" etc. The players are given many complete sets (the number of them must be a number divisible by 15): 15.30 and more (it depends on the number of players).

Believe it or not Jeopardy!
Divide the guests into 2 teams....make a "game board" with poster board and post it notes. Have general cooking questions, questions about your company, just whatever you'd like to have talked about in your class....the game can be as long or as short as you'd like just adjust the number of questions. Give the winning team GREAT party favors and the second place team lesser favors, but give something to everyone...It's been a huge hit at my parties!!

The players make 2 circles: the inner one and the outer one. In the inner circle the number of the players is more by one than in the outer circle. As the music plays all the players walk to the right. As the music stops the players must make pairs. The player who hasn't pair fulfils any task. Then the game continues.

As the guests enter the hall, they are given the envelopes. The youths are given blue envelopes, the girls white ones. In all the envelopes there are halves of the cards and leaflets with the following text: "In the envelope there is a half of the card. The missing part of it has someone who is present here. Try to find him/her. The first 3 pairs get prizes. Good luck!" it's better to use cards with the pictures of flowers in this game. Cut the cards in zigzag line. Then put the halves - one into the white envelope and another into the blue one. You may manage without the envelopes. In this case put a poster with the rules of the game on the wall.

In your pictures
You can use this idea for any home party - sort of like "Let's make a deal" - have the first person who has a paper clip, lipstick, or anything win a prize. It's a quick way to give a way a few prizes and get everyone laughing.

The instructor says: "Dear guests! We set out. Take your seats. We start up an engine - everybody claps the hands. Come along! We are stamping our feet, we are gradually gathering speed - 50km/h, faster - 60km/h, faster - 80km/h, 100km/h, 120km/h. Turn to the left - shake hands with the person next to you on the left. Go along! Our speed is 150km/h. Now we turn to the right - shake hands with the person next to you on the right. We continue going. Now we are breaking. We are rubbing against the nose of a person next to.
We are breaking � breaking �
At last we arrived.
How did you like our trip?"

The leader thinks of one of the present persons. All the rest players ask him/her the questions in turn: e.g.
1.What is the color?
2.What kind of character?
3.What kind of music instrument? etc.
The questions must be abstract. You must take into account that different people describe one and the same person in different ways. You may invent questions for ever and ever. The more interesting and various are the questions the more interesting is the game.

With fishing rods, and small rings as hooks, participants try to catch (pull-over) soft drink bottles. The one with the greatest number of catches, is judged the winner. A game for all to enjoy, with the only criteria being the length of the string.

The number of the players is more than 2. All the players put their both hands with the palms down on the table (the left hand goes first, the right one the second). The players make a pyramid of their hands in the center of the table. The player whose hand is on the top of the pyramid (the player who puts his right hand on the pyramid the last) names any number, e.g. 5. The players begin to count from the hand on the top of the pyramid: the player whose hand is on the top moves away his/her hand-1, then the next player-2 etc. till 5. The player whose hand is number 5 must answer the leader's question. The players must give true answers to the questions. If the answer is not true the leader doesn't accept it. This game is suitable for making acquaintance. If the answer is accepted the game begins a new. Everybody tries to put the hands in the middle of the pyramid so as not to be a leader.

Get ready some sheets of paper, pens or pencils for your guests beforehand. While your guests are still at a table suggest their playing a very interesting and funny game. Each player writes down the list of 10 domestic animals in a column on his/her sheet of paper. Then the leader asks the first question and the players must read the answers which they wrote on their sheets of paper under the figure 1. The players read their answers in turn. Then the leader asks the 2nd question and the players must read the word which is written under the figure 2 etc.
The leader's questions may be as follows:
1. Who are you at home?
2. Who are you in private?
3. Who are you in public?
4. Who are you without clothes?
5. Who are you after dinner?
6. What do other people think of you?
7. Who are you at nights?
8. What do you think about yourself?
9. Who are you with your friends?
10. Who are you in fact?

With a chopstick tied to his waist and hands behind his back, male participants try to put the chopstick into a whole (can be a paper cup). A more mature version would be to tie the cup to a female participant.

Get ready 60 cards (10cm long 4 cm high). On 30 of them write the questions on 30 others write the answers. Hold the cards with the questions like a fan in one hand and the cards with the answers in the other. Ask the first guest whom would he/she like to answer his/her question. The guest answers that he/she wants to ask, c.f., Anna, draws out a card with the question and reads it aloud. Anna draws out the card with the answer and also reads it aloud. Then Anna says whom would she like to ask the question. She draws the card out and reads out the question. The person who is asked, draws out the card with the answer and reads it out. The game goes on until all the questions are asked and answered.
1. Would you like to be a millionaire?
2. Would you like to find yourself in a harem?
3. Do you often visit restaurants?
4. Do you go to work with pleasure?
5. Can you give birth to an athlete?
6. Do you wear a wig?
7. Have you any shortcomings?
8. Do you like music?
9. Are you always so polite as today?
10. Are you able to love?
11. Are you fond of the bottle?
12. Do you like to dance?
13. Would you like to sit next to me?
14. Do you love children?
15. Can you be faithful?
16. Do you often have appointments?
17. Do you love me?
18. Do you behave decently while drunk?
19. Are you jealous?
20. Do you always eat so much?
21. Do you believe in miracles?
22. Are you sorry that you are married?
23. Would you like to get drink today?
24. Do think of free love?
25. Are you modest?
26. Would you like to have many new friends?
27. Do you often tell lies?
28. Can you flatter?
29. Can I rely upon you?
30. Do you often smoke?
31. Can you be tender?
1. No, once I tried, but nothing turned out.
2. This is my hobby.
3. Being on the verge of despair only.
4. We are not angels. Things happen.
5. Who is sinless?
6. Yes, rather!
7. I do it with the greatest pleasure.
8. Only in a weak moment.
9. I'm not capable of such a stupid thing.
10. This is my dream.
11. No, I'm well bred.
12. I'll answer you in private.
13. I'd better keep silence.
14. Only in the bathroom.
15. Every other day.
16. By no means!
17. While being sober only.
18. If it's cold outdoors.
19. Systematically.
20. In a pay-day.
21. It's quite necessary on Saturday.
22. To while away the time.
23. Only while having a rest in the health resort.
24. If you have much money.
25. People don't speak about it aloud.
26. In a lunch hour.
27. When it's advantageous.
28. I dream about it after dinner.
29. It would do no harm.
30. Towards evening.
31. While having a poetic mood.

Ask 3-4 gentlemen to take part in this game. Ask them the following question:
In what season did you meet your wife for the first time?
What color are the eyes of your wife?
What kind of flowers does your wife like?
What kind of perfume does your wife like?
What color suits your wife?
What is the favorite book of your wife?
After that ask the wives to confirm the answer of their husbands.

Five (5) guys, especially with big bellies, to participate, complete with garlands, scarf's and headgear. Their shirts will be rolled-up and tied to expose their tummies. The most "voluptuous" and "fairest of them all" wins.

This is a joking test for married couples. At first the married gentlemen write on the sheets of paper 10 names of animals, insects or reptiles in a column (they do it in secret from their wives). Then their wives do the same. After that the leader asks the married couple to look at the column with 10 names of animals, insects or reptiles, written by the husband. So he is a husband�
tender like�
sociable like�
independent like�
neat like�
brave like�
strong like�
authoritative like�
smiling like�
amorous like�
beautiful like�
Then they read the names written by the wife. So, "Your wife when�"
in transport is like�
with the colleagues is like�
at home is like�
with the chief is like�
with the relatives is like�
in the shop is like�
in the cafe or restaurant is like�
in the company of friends is like�
in bed is like�
at the doctor's is like�

All the players tell theirs stories in turn. (Before the telling the story The player puts a coin under the hat (all the rest players mustn't see in what way he/she puts it. Heads mean that the story is true, tails - that the story is fabricated)). As the tale-teller finishes his/her telling the story all the players express their opinion in turn: true or fabricated. After that the leader lifts the hat and all the players see - whether they were right or not. The player who is right gets a point. The player who is mistaken looses a point. The tale-tellers take their turns around the circle. As every player has told the story, the players count the points.

There is a prize for the person who can pull the funniest face. The winner will be judged on the greatest laughter.

All the players get into a circle, the leader is in the center. He/she comes to any of the players and asks the question (c.f. "What is your name?", "Where do you live?" etc.) But the questions must be answered by the neighbor on the left of the asked person. If answers the asked person, he/she must give a forfeit (a piece of clothes, watches etc.) to the leader. When the game finishes the forfeits are raffled. To get their forfeits back the players must fulfill any of the tasks.

At the party You may suggest Your guests to find "the best" guest. The criteria may be different - the tallest, the heaviest, the longest plait, the greatest shoe-size etc. "The best one" gets the prize.

There is one hostile spy in your midst. Find the informers, who will give you clues as to his identity.

The object of the players is to keep from laughing. The players get into a circle facing each other. One of the players says: "Ha!". The following says "Ha-ha!", the third continues "Ha-ha-ha!" and soon. If someone pronounces the wrong number of "ha" or laughs, he/she is out. The players who are out of the game try to make all the rest players (those who are still in the game) laugh. The player who laughs the last is the winner.

The leader and 5-15 girls make a line. At a distance of 1 meter behind them there are some boys. At the command all of them run. While running the leader asks: Do you like girls, boys? The boys must altogether answer "No". The leader asks the question for several times and all the times the boys answer - "No". At last the leader says: "Well, why do you run after girls, if you don't like them?"

10-12 players are invited to take part in this game. Then they are explained the rules: One of the players moves away and turns his/her back to all the rest players. In this time one of players is given a candy. But the player mustn't eat it, he/she just puts it in the mouth. Then all the players including the player with the candy, begin to pronounce one and the same word "myrshim" (in Kazakh it means "to chew"). The task of the 1st player (the player who stands with his back to all the rest players) is to guess who of the players has a candy in his/her mouth. If the player guesses he receives the prize and chooses the leader, if he doesn't guess all the players say to him "oh-oh-oh!" So the game begins. The leader moves away, turns his back to all the rest players and the instructor gives a wrapped up candy to one of the players. When the player unwraps the candy and puts it into the mouth the game begins: all the players begin to say "myrshim, myrshim, myrshim" and the instructor calls out the leader.

Five (5) couples to participate, whereby the girl will be wrapped-up by the guy into a mummy using toilet rolls. Once wrapped, the five guys will race (or rather move very slowly) to a finishing line, without undoing the toilet papers.

According to the lot, one of the players stands on a chair or a stool and takes on a majestic air. He/she is the Great Mogul. All the rest players come to him/her one at a time, bow to him/her, kneel before him/her, look in his/her face and say: "The Great Mogul! Bow down before you without tears and laughter!" The players must pronounce this phrase solemnly and seriously. At the same time the Great Mogul tries to make the players who come to him laugh: he/she pulls faces, wriggles etc. The player who laughs while speaking to the Great Mogul becomes the Great Mogul in the next round.

Draw a line on the floor. The player must throw a usual match as a spear not overstepping the line. Choose the winner judging by 3 throws.

Five (5) participants will be given over-sized chopsticks and attempt to lift "difficult" tidbits from one bowl to another. The fastest and with the most number of tidbits collected wins.

The leader declares that no one of the present people can repeat three short phrases after him/her. Of course, the present people don't agree with him/her. Then the leader pronounces the phrase c.f. "Today the weather is good." All the players confidently repeat it. After that the leader as though in confusion trying to find a phrase, pronounces the second phrase. It's again repeated by the players. Then the leader quickly and confidently pronounces: "Here you're wrong!" The players are in confusion. And the leader explains that the third phrase the players had to repeat was "Here you're wrong!"

The leader says: "Put a chair on its fore legs on the floor. The back and the hind legs are parallel to the ground. Put a slice of bread on the top of the back, kneel in the cross-beam between the hind legs, take the back with your hands and try to bend your head to the slice of bread and grab it with the mouth. For this you need much skill. While bending the head you must move your body back, otherwise your body's center of gravity will be before the seat of the chair, the chair will tip over and the slice of bread will fall down.

Five (5) non-Chinese participants will attempt to talk Mandarin, with the right intonation. They will be guided by a hilarious Emcee. The participants will also be required to perform Kung-fu acts, e.g. Talking and enacting like an eagle, snake, monkey, etc. (Animals of the Chinese lunar calendar).

The leader suggests the players to put their right hands to their heads and to extend the left hands with the thumbs up, saying "Well!" Then the players clap their hands and do the same with the opposite hands.

Three (3) participants (2 male and one female) to "act" like famous Hollywood/Broadway stars. They need to mime, lip-sync and move like the stars selected, backed by minus-one music. Participants will wear costumes to prove them with comical resemblance. Males will impersonate females, and vice versa. All participants will be given prizes.

The leader suggests the players to do the following: to put the hands on the knees, to clap the hands, to touch the nose with the right hand and the ear with the left one. Then to clap once again and to change the hands.

Sitting at the holiday table the both sides of the guests (they are divided into 2 teams) have an opportunity to transmit the congratulation or a piece of good news to the person whose birthday it is by word of mouth. To begin with hang a congratulation card, a photo or a letter on the stick or a pencil. The task of the guests is to pass this "piece of news" with the help of lips (without touching it with the hands). The team which transmits the piece of news "by word of mouth" the first wins.

Four guys will be paired to participate, out of which two winners will then contest to determine the eventual winner. A separate competition for the gals can also be conducted.

Suggest the players jumping over the needle (instead of a needle you may take a pencil). The needle lies on the floor. The only term is to touch the toes with the fingers while jumping.

The players who wish to take part in the competition "The best style" are invited to come behind the scenes or into the other room. With the help of different attributes of fashion (clothes, accessories, ties, hats, ribbons etc.) they must construct something original, bright and stylish. It's so called "freak style". Each modeler chooses "a model" among the spectators. "The models" represent the works of "the modelers". With the help of applause the spectators choose "the best modeler". "The best modeler" is given a costly present (perfume, perfumed water etc.)

Five (5) participants to take part in throwing horse shoes at a target. The nearest to the target wins. Each participant to throw 3 times, and the scores (by distance) to be averaged out.

This game is enjoyed by the grown-ups as well as by the children. On the table there are some plates with the little pies and cakes (it's desirable that they should be with chocolate and cream). Around the table there must be enough space for the participants to move. The number of the participants depends on the size of the table and the amount of sweet things. The number of plates is equal to the number of the participants. The participants have their hands tied together behind the backs. As the music plays the participants come to the nearest to them plate and start eating the cakes. As the hands are tied together it's very difficult to eat the cakes - they slide off the plates. That's why the instructor should let the participants know about all the details of the game beforehand. The first round finishes when one of the participants has eaten the whole piece of cake or a pie. The participant on whose plate there remains the largest piece of cake is out of the game. In the next round there are less by one participants. On the plates there are new pieces of cake or pies. They are larger than the pieces in the previous round. The game repeats anew. The game goes on until the participants refuse to eat sweet things (because they have eaten an enormous amount of them) or until there is only one participant in the game. He/she is the winner. He/she is given a ribbon with the inscription "Invincible glutton" and a sweet prize (a large cake). The matter is that the winner feels sick at seeing sweet things. The instructor may suggest playing one more round. But this suggestion usually causes impetuous protest of the participants. The more chocolate and cream is there on the cakes - the brighter is the game. The participants usually make themselves dirty with it. The game may be funnier if the participants are blindfolded, but have their hands free. After this game you may serve cakes and pies for other guests. The participants of this game don't want to eat sweet things. They want only to drink tea.

All the players get into a circle. The players take each other by the arms. The leader explains the rules of the game: "To each player I say the name of the animal. Then I say one of the names aloud. The player to whom this name was said at the beginning of the game tries to jump up and break the chain of the arms. The task of the players next to him/her is to prevent his/her jumping up". In fact the leader says one and the same name of the animal to all the players. When this name is pronounced aloud all the players fall down.

You take your belt off and address all the present: "On this belt is written the number. The figure is rather big. Even the short - sighted person is able to see it. But it's not easy to find this number. For this you need not only your attention, but also sharpness. Who wants to find the number on the belt?" The spectators would examine the belt carefully. But the number will be seen only if somebody guesses what's the secret of your trick. The secret is rather simple. Get ready this trick beforehand: roll up the belt so that the buckle of it is inside the first coil. On the spiral write a simple or a two-digit number with the light yellow pencil. Unroll the belt - the number is disappeared. The number may be found if you roll up the belt again.

Put a bucket full of water at the wall. Say that only a very strong man can lift it. One who wishes to lift the bucket stands at the distance of half a step from it. Ask this person to take the handle of the bucket with the hands and lean the head against the wall. Then ask him to lift the bucket and, holding it with the hands, draw himself up. Despite all the attempts this person will not be able to do any of these tasks. He will remain as though clued to the wall.

Five (5) guys, or interested gals, will be invited to participate in this contest. The Fastest, and without spills, wins.

Say to all the present that you can make any person to stand in such a way that he/she can't raise his/her foot. One who wants to disprove it should stand near the wall touching it by the heels. It'd be better if there were no plinth on the wall. If there are no wall without the plinth in the room you may use a door. Mind that the person mustn't swing. Under this condition all the attempts to raise the foot will fail. In this position nobody can raise the foot without transfer of the weight of the body to the other foot.

Psychiatrist is by far the most fun party game I've played. It is best played with a large group of people... the more the better. All players should have a seat of some sort.

All players sit in somewhat of a circle. One person is chosen to be the "Psychiatrist." This person must then leave the room as the rest of the group prepares to play.

With the Psychiatrist out of the room and out of earshot, the rest of the players decide on a psychological illness that they will all have. Anything and everything is valid, no matter how obvious, vague, figurative, hypothetical, or stupid.

Example Fill-in-the-blank Diseases:
1) Everyone believes he is the person sitting _____
2) When a person _____, he is ______. Otherwise, he is ______
3) Everyone answers questions in ______ style
4) People have a certain aversion/obsession with a certain letter/word/object

I'm not giving any specifics because it could spoil the fun if the Psychiatrist knows what you're doing. The best ones are usually the most unusual and creative, especially if they relate to inside jokes.

Anyway, on to playing Psychiatrist...

Once a "disease" is agreed upon, someone retrieves the psychiatrist, who then comes to the center of the circle. It is now his responsibility as psychiatrist to help his "patients" by discovering what is wrong with them. He does this primarily by asking individual people questions about anything, and noticing eccentricities and inconsistencies in the answers.

If a patient answers a question or says or does something that is inconsistent with his disease, another patient MUST yell "Psychiatrist!!!" At this time, the person who said something wrong and the person who called him on it must switch seats. Sometimes such answers are given accidentally, but they can also be given intentionally to throw the psychiatrist off, especially if responding correctly would give away the disease too easily. (Ex., if everyone is pretending to be one specific person, and the psychiatrist asks "What's your name?", a truthful answer would make for an awfully short round)

The game ends when the psychiatrist correctly identifies his patients' ailment. At this point, a new psychiatrist is chosen and a new game begins. Play usually continues until people are too tired to play any more and go home, finally causing there to be too few people for a good game.

"I need a mathematician to be my assistant", - says the instructor, - "his/her task is very simple: I shall enumerate different numbers. My assistant's task is to name the numbers more by one than the numbers I name. c.f. If I say "eight", the assistant must say "nine". If I say "thirty - two" the assistant must say "thirty three" etc. Who can "cope with this task?" The instructor names the increasing numbers. The numbers increase by tens and hundreds. Every time the assistant confidently names the numbers more by one. The counting continues until the instructor names number "4099". At this number the assistant will make a mistake. Instead of "4100" he/she will say "5000".

Put your hands to the chest - one is higher than the other. Try to make circular motions with the both hands simultaneously: one hand is moving forwards, the other is moving backwards.
Sit on a chair, holding your back straight. Put your legs at an angle. Try to stand up with your back erect (do not move it forwards).
"I'll ask you a very easy riddle, - says the instructor, - you must answer it at once and precisely. If you give a correct answer you'll get a prize.
It has four paws, a tail,
It mews and catches mice.
It's a cat!
It sounds like this. But you're not quite right. It's a pussy-cat (a tom-cat)
Can you see a little piece of thread on my lapel? Asks the instructor. How much time do you need to take this thread away?
Not more than 2-3 seconds.
If you succeed in it you'll get the prize.
Nobody expected that the thread would stretch and stretch. In the inside pocket of the jacket there was a whole bobbin of thread. The end of which was put on the lapel.

Suggest 2 players doing the following thing. At first they kneel down and take their right legs with right hands (to raise them lightly from the floor). In their left hands they hold mugs. Fill one of the mugs with water. The task is to pour water from one mug to another, trying not to spill it. Then the players change their roles.

The player bows down the plate with the cooked semolina. The instructor strikes with the spoon against the plate. The player who has the greatest number of "freckles" is the winner.

Grandma's House
For 2 or more players (best with 3 to 6)
There is a party going on at Grandma's house. To attend the party, a person must bring a certain type of object. Whether or not this object is acceptable depends on a specific rule.

For each round of the game, one player gets to make up the rule for what objects are acceptable and unacceptable for admission to the party. This rule must remain constant throughout the round, but its effects may change depending on the situation.

Once a player decides on a rule for the round, play begins. Players, in turn, say "I'm going to grandma's house, and I'm bringing a _______." After saying this, the rule maker replies with either "You can go" or "Sorry, you can't go" (go to the party, that is). When it is the rule maker's turn, he gives an example of something that can or cannot be brought as well. When a player thinks he has figured out the rule, he should continue to tell what he would bring to Grandma's house. Players should not blurt out the rule before everyone has figured it out, as that would ruin the game for the other players. When all players have figured out the rule, the round ends, and someone else makes up a new rule for another round.

Keep on playing until all players are bored, then play a few rounds more.

Sample Rules to get you started:

You may only bring something colored ________.
You may only bring something that starts with ________.
You may only bring something that is found at ________.

Instead of saying that there is a party at Grandma's house, the game can be played with a continuous stream of words.

In this version, the "I'm going to Grandma's House" formality is done away with.

Players simply say one word after another, as long as those words follow the general rule that a player has made up. In this variation, it is more feasible to make up more creative and difficult rules, sometimes relying on wordplay and sequences.

There are some candies in the basin with flour. The players must take them with the mouth (without using the hands).

How can you imagine the birthday party without the funny and witty congratulations? Bring some happiness to one whose birthday it is - compose an improvised congratulation. The guests may compose it without difficulty. Ask every guest to say an adjective. Write down all these adjectives. Then take a text of the telegram of congratulation, which needs colorful additions. Say to the guests that you're not responsible for the high artistic merit of this "work of art" and fill in the blanks in this telegram with the adjectives suggested by the guests.
Sample text of the telegram:
� John! All of us - your � friends - are very glad that you (so�) were born on this � day! Taking a � opportunity we want to make a declaration of � love and � devotion. There are no very many people so � like you. Let's hope that our � life will not separate us and every ... year on this � day we'll gather together around this � table. We wish you � health, � happiness, � years of life! Your � friends.

Put different items of kitchen utensils (different kinds of spoons, forks, ladles) into a large box. Put some mashed potato or macaroni on the saucer for each player. The players blindly take the items from the box. At the command they begin to eat their helpings with the help of the items they've taken. The fastest eater gets the prize.

The youths act as "Fathers", the girls act as "mothers". The situation is rather simple. "The young father" is walking under the windows of the maternity home. He wants to know who is born - a boy or a girl, what's the weight of baby, what's its name, what to bring for "the mother". "The mothers" let "the fathers" know about it with the help of gestures and facial expression from the height of the 9th floor. It's windy outdoors, it's too noisy because of the plenty of the passing-by cars.
"The fathers" are given the cards with the questions:
1. Who is born?
2. What's the baby's name?
3. What's its weight?
4. What to bring next time?
"The mothers" are given the cards with the answers:
1. Boy. George. 3kilos. Book. Mirror.
2. Girl. Mary. 4.100 kg. Oranges. Nuts.
3. Boy. Girl. Twins. Peter. Maggie. 2.700 kg, 2.800 kg, Envelopes, pen.
"The mothers" must answer only with the help of the gestures and facial expression.

Only gentlemen take part in this competition. But at first they mustn't know that the best gentleman's legs will be chosen. The ladies make a special medal with the picture of 3 crossed masculine legs on it for the winner. The instructor asks the gentlemen to take part in the competition of gathering the cosmetics, thrown about the room (lipsticks, make up sets, mascaras etc.) The gentlemen should gather the cosmetics with the help of the toes. The gentleman who manages to gather the greatest number of items in the shortest period of time wins the competition. To feel more comfortable while gathering the cosmetics the gentlemen must turn up their trouser-legs as high as possible. When all the cosmetics is gathered, the instructor announces that the gentlemen have taken part in the competition "the best gentleman's legs". The jury, which consists of the ladies, chooses the best gentleman's legs and hands in the medal.

Say to all the present that you are going to act as a snake tamer and that you are going to show "the snakes' dance" to all the present. Fill the vessel with any mixture. Then begin to spill any liquid on this mixture. (While spilling pretend that you do it very carefully.) Ask all the present to go away from the vessel and wait when "the snake" appears. As a rule, in every company there are some skeptics, who don't believe in it and would say that they have seen such things at the chemistry lessons at school. On the pretext of that you need much noise for "the snake" to appear, ask 2-3 persons to come to you. Ask them to stand in front of all the other guests. Ask them to clap the hands, to stamp their feet, to cry etc. After all these things have been done the snake still doesn't appear. Then ask your guests pardon and say that instead of "snakes' dance" all of them have seen "the dance of tamed monkeys".

The players are to answer the leader's questions, not seeing the inscriptions on the cards, placed behind them. The inscriptions may be the following: for men-"Maternity home", "Bath-house", "Sobering-up station" etc. for women-"Black eye", "Torn stocking" etc.
The questions for men: "Do you often visit this place?" "What things do you take when going there?" "What do you usually do in this place?" "Why does this place attract you?" "Whom do you usually invite when going to this place?"
The questions for women: "Do you often find yourself in such situation?" "Do you often look in such way?" "Why does this state attract you?" "What happened?" "Why do you look like this?" etc. The lack of correspondence usually causes much fun and laughter.

The instructor names different items of cosmetics. The lady try to find these items in their purses. The ladies raise these items above the heads. The lady who has not the named item in her purse is out of the game. The ladies who has all the items named by the instructor is given a prize and a title of Miss World. Samples of the items: a lipstick, a mirror, mascara, eye-shadows, cheek-color, eye-liner etc.

Each player is given a pencil and a long stripe of paper, where he/she writes the name of any present person. Then the paper should be folded (so as the name cannot be seen) and passed to the player to his/her right. He/she describes anyone's appearance and passes the paper further. In the same way may be asked the following questions: - what kind of character? - What did he/she do? - When? - Where? - What were the consequences? Of course, nobody should know what is written before, while answering. As each paper passed around the circle, one person reads aloud what is written on these stripes of paper. Usually it causes much laughter, because there is a lot of absurdity.

Put 3 plates on the table. Put a prize in the middle plate. Pour some water in the others. The player is blindfolded. He/she turns around for several times, makes some steps and takes the prize from the plate.

Each gentleman takes a newspaper by its corner with the left hand. At the command the gentlemen must crumple the newspapers with one hand only. The gentleman who copes with the task the first is the winner.

The players must compose a story of the newspapers headlines, suggested by the leader. The headlines are cut out of newspapers and pasted on the cards.

The leader reminds the guests the plots of the well known tales and suggests their telling new versions of these tales (c.f. in style of a detective story, love story, tragedy, etc). The guests choose the winner with the help of applause.

Each player pronounces any word he/she likes. The players pronounce the words in turn. The words mustn't be connected with each other.
C.f. the first player says - "eagle", the second - "boy", the third - "lace", the fourth - "snake", the fifth - "sky", the sixth - "head", the seventh - "trees", the eighth - "ground" etc.
Each player must write down all the words, pronounced by all the players. Then the players must compose a story, using these words.
The story may be as follows:
"Once an eagle was flying. Towards him was going a boy. His boot lace came untied. The eagle thought the lace to be a snake. He impetuously attacked the lace and lifted it together with the boy to the sky. The boy felt uncomfortable to fly head first. So when flying over the trees the boy slipped out of the boot and fell on a crown of a tree, slid it down and found himself on the ground. He felt sorry for his boot, but he was glad that he had a chance to fly with the eagle."
In 10 minutes each player reads his/her story aloud.

Write a short word on the sheet of paper. It may consist of 4, 5, 6 letters. Each player must make the text of the telegram. Each word in this telegram must begin with the next in turn letter of this word.
c.f. We make the text of the telegram out of the word FIRE.
The first word begins with the letter F - Frank
The second with I - identified
The third with R - Roger
The fourth with E - erroneously
Frank identified Roger erroneously.

Several players sit in a row. The last player in the row thinks of a word (a noun) - c.f. a spade. All the rest players think of adjectives.
Then the 1st player says - glass
The 2nd - amazing
The 3rd - enigmatic etc.
And the last player pronounces his word - spade. So, altogether they say: "glass, amazing, enigmatic, beloved spade." The game is played at a rapid rate. The next word is thought of by the other player. The player who thought of the noun in the previous round, now begins to enumerate the adjectives. This game is played until all the players think of a noun.

There are 2 teams in this game. One team asks the riddle for the other one. The riddle is a pantomime. The team may give as many answers as there are the players in the team. The team which asks the riddle may offer only abstract notions, e.g. "youth" : all the players in the team are holding each other by the hands and looking in the sky smiling. The other team may give the following variants: happiness, inspiration, growth, childhood. About the last variant the first team may say that this variant is close to the right answer.

Usually 10 players participate in this game. Each of them is asked to recollect a song well-known to him/her. (The song consists of not less than 3 couplets). The task of each player is to sing his/her song to the end. While singing the player mustn't pay attention to the singing of other players, get out of time or laugh. After each player recollects the song which he/she will sing, the leader says: "Get ready! Begin!" The player who laughs or gets out of time pays the forfeit and drops out of the game. The player who manages to over sing all the others becomes the winner and gets the prize.

You may play this game to occupy the little pause. This game is a kind of auction. Holding a souvenir in his/her hands the leader announces:
- This souvenir is for sale. It costs one coin of the least value. Have you got any? You're welcome!
The players give coins to the leader. The leader takes them, look at them attentively and says:
- I'm given a coin issued in the year of�
According to the rules, the player who has the coin issued in the earliest year gets the souvenir. Well, I'm waiting�
He/she is given another coin.
- Now I'm given a coin issued in the year of�
I return the first coin.
Our auction goes on. Who has the coin of the earliest issue?
Continue the auction until you're given the oldest coin. Every time the leader is given a coin, he/she counts - "one, two�" As the leader says "three" the auction stops. The souvenir is given to the player who has the oldest coin.

The instructor reads 3 lines of couplet or chorus of the well-known song to each pair. The task is to sing the 4-th line correctly. There are 2-3 variants of songs for each pair.

Divide up all the guests into 2 teams. Suggest their drawing a portrait of one whose birthday it is. The team which has drawn the most attractive portrait gets the prize.


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