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Free Mardi Gras Party Games & Educational Printable Activities for a Holiday Celebration

Free Mardi Gras Party Game:
Family Car

Enjoy the Mardi Gras holiday with some fun free party games and activities. Family Car is a simple Mardi Gras themed game to play.

If you are looking for an oldie but a goodie in terms of games for a Mardi Gras celebration, here’s one to consider. Mardi Gras' Family Car game is almost as old as Mardi Gras itself. The family car, originally the family coach, is most amusing if you can find someone who is a good story-teller. The players sit in a circle and everyone, except the story teller, takes the name of some part of a car or its equipment. For example, a door, engine, wheels, etc. When all are ready, the story-teller begins a tale about an old car and what happened to it, how it went on a journey, broke down, was fixed, and started off again. The story should be told fluently, but not too quickly. Every time any part of the car is mentioned, the player who has taken that car part name must rise from his seat and then sit down again. Whenever the car is mentioned, all of the players, with the exception of the story teller, must rise. Anyone failing to rise is out of the game. This Mardi Gras game will have them laughing especially when they forget their part. Make sure to dress everyone up with a Mardi Gras themed outfit too.

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Mardi Gras Games double pack: Trivia and Masquerade
Printable Mardi Gras Party GamesPrintable Mardi Gras Party Games Printable Mardi Gras Party GamesPrintable Mardi Gras Party Games

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